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  1. M

    VOTE NOW! Book #5: Vote for Next Book Discussion

    OK, as promised, this month's BOOK DISCUSSION will not take on a strict business topic, but a LIFE mindset, specifically, on dealing with matters of the mind and soul, but in a non-religious fashion. If we apply the Pareto Principle to life, I believe what you THINK is 80% OF THE BATTLE. Lets...
  2. M

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    VOTE NOW! Please post your nominations for the next book discussion. Perhaps we can read something not so mainstream... LIKE any book to upvote the nomination!
  3. M

    BOOK Can I criticize (or hate) a book I haven't read entirely?

    Thought a thread on this was worthwhile, and might be worth a discussion since it has come up on multiple occasions lately... Both here: BOOK - Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion And here: BOOK - The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich... The central question is, at...
  4. M

    BOOK REVIEW Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    Let's roll! Now a big best-seller, what do you think of the book? While I'm not shocked, I was unable to find a suitable format to discuss the book using this software, Xenforo. Another reason why I don't recommend Xenforo as forum software. So instead of discussing chapter by chapter (which...
  5. M

    BOOK Nominations/Vote: Book Discussion (New Poll Posted!)

    PLEASE VOTE ON THE BOOK TO DISCUSS. NEW POLL EVERY MONTH. A suggestion was made by @Primeperiwinkle to start a book discussion and review group about pre-selected books chosen by the forum. This goes beyond just "Have you read this book?" or "I recommend this!" but to actually discuss a book...
  6. Rich Wood

    Best way to fastlane the absorption of MJ's books.

    Over the past month I have listened via audible to both of MJ's books. On planes, in my truck - via bluetooth, while with my daughter at the park, running in the mornings, and basically any other free time I had. First off the books are fantastic, and are extremely trans-formative. I don't...
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