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  1. naz10101

    Hi, I am from Sydney, Australia and am a couple of years into my lonely journey

    My experience was dropshipping where at most I've made a few K in profit, and am trying again but this time more as an import and sell. Same concept, but I do the shipping and packaging. Now, this can be a lonely journey and none of my friends are really into this entrepreneur stuff, so it...
  2. M

    Acquiring Existing business Australia

    hey Everyone, I've recently read MFL & Rat-Race. I have been on the journey/ path to buying an existing business as I could potentially move into positive cashflow position day one & cut out some of the Start-Up time. As I'm learning more about business finance in Australia it is becoming...
  3. OneLifeOneChance

    The 19 year old that's gonna go from nothing to EVERYTHING

    Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me join this forum! I am super excited about everything omg. I've just read The Millionaire Fastlane and WOWWW, this is one of those books that I know can change your life. I've only had one other book that has also changed my life that I'm currently...
  4. josh_ting

    Melbourne, Australia 2021 Meetup

    Hey Guys and Gals I'll be moving to Melbourne, Australia from the start of 2021, would love to meet up with people during the year.
  5. bumble_bee

    Any Aussies Keen To Meet Up?

    G'day fellow Australians I live in Newcastle, NSW Is anyone keen to meet up? I was thinking of creating a small Facebook group for the Aussie Fastlaners Let me know if you're interested Cheers!
  6. Timmy C

    Melbourne Australia - Meet up

    What's up my fellow Melbourne hustlers! We should arrange a fastlaner meet-up in Melbourne guys and girls, those yanks can't have all the fun! (Cheeky winky face) Who is in?
  7. T

    Exiting the Elite Sporting Slowlane

    Hi everyone, My name's Tom, 23 years old and have spent the last 3 years working in the elite sporting industry. I live in Sydney, Australia. I studied for 5 years, including a Masters degree (and a 100k student loan) to become a strength and conditioning coach. After interning for two years I...
  8. Dunkafelics

    Australia Meetups (2019/2020)

    @Magneto C I'll be traveling to Australia for most of October and will be in the following locations: Melbourne Sydney Brisbane & Gold Coast Melbourne will be the arrival destination and Brisbane will be the departure. If you are in Australia during that time and want to get together...
  9. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    Hi there, My name is Caroleen, and I am interested in the unscripted life! Always have been. I once had a fashion store and to be honest haven't held a "job" for 5 years now. I read both of MJ's books (actually listened to the audiobooks) and find them fascinating. I live in Australia and...
  10. MKM123

    From Australia, looking to kick start my idea.

    Hey guys, currently residing in Australia and woking in the mining industry. My roster has me working for 1 week straight, I then get 1 week off to myself, so it is a pretty good deal. I have a few ideas that I'm hoping to kick start but needing to look more into web design/ hiring someone...
  11. TheGuru

    I've sold over $1,000,000 in products - Cool right?

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a few years ago and have never contributed or even stuck around for more than 5 minutes to make a post. Don't ask me why. I have no idea. First things first I'm not a guru, I despise them and I can only assume I chose that username in 2015 because I was drunk or a...
  12. S

    Greetings from Australia

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for letting me be part of this community. I hope to add value to this forum while I learn from here. To Summarize my life so far : 1. Bachelors in Engineering + Masters in management 2. Lived in Europe for study 3. Lived in China for 7 years (work in IT Sales). I speak...
  13. paulmp

    Photographer from Western Australia

    Hi All, I just finished reading Unscripted, now ordering Fastlane, will get to reading it shortly. I am a travel & landscape photographer based in Western Australia, I've worked on projects in 16 countries, Antarctica and every state of Australia in the last 4 years. I'm married and we have 3...
  14. V8Bill

    Australia now has 60 Billionaires - guess what the richest one does?

    I was a little surprised to hear that we now have (probably over) 60 billionaires! "There are 22 women on the 2017 Financial Review Rich List and eight female billionaires." The richest dude in Australia (12.6 bills) is into boxes and recycling. Hardly glamorous but he certainly nailed a need...
  15. Nily

    Boxing machine made in a garage sold more than 10,000 globally

    Rai Fazio made the BoxMaster in his Aussie garage in 2009 and now more than 10,000 of them have found a new home. Perth boxer has master plan for success It helped Hugh Jackman prepare for the Wolverine role and served as an aid for people combating Parkinson's disease. Spot a need (dad's...