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artificial intelligence

  1. M.Shahrukh

    ChatGPT integrations for online businesses

    Hi everyone! TLDR: I am providing ChatGPT integrations to businesses, as a service. I need help on how I can find clients for my services. The details of my services can be found here - Scribble With AI This is my first post here, so let me quickly introduce myself. I am Shahrukh, a Software...
  2. Elite Ai

    Are you using Artificial Intelligence in your business yet?

    Hi Everyone, Hope you're all doing well. I wanted to kickstart a casual, yet insightful discussion on a topic that's been making waves across various industries – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Have you integrated any AI elements into your business operations? Whether it's experimenting with...
  3. Rahul veerwal

    I'm having AI anxiety. What is your thoughts on upcoming AI?

    Hello, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on upcoming AI tools. Initially, they were incredible, but now they are causing anxiety. Do you share this feeling, or am I alone in this? The ongoing bettle between Altman and Musk regarding AI, as well as the six-month pause on all AI Labs, have...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    Introducing EVA, the forum's AI bot...

    I'm happy to announce that the forum now has its own AI bot (@Eva (AI-Bot)) that is basically a ChatGPT clone. I think having an AI option here and available is an asset. Having it run amuck is a liability. Right now it is configured to run in THIS FORUM only (Ask the AI) and a user has to...
  5. Xavier X

    ChatGPT / AI / MidJourney Creation Repository: Share Your Useful Creations

    I am aware there are two or three ChatGPT-related threads on the forum. However, I wanted to make this one separate, to highlight and share random tools and things we create using the AI. Especially for non-coders using it to create neat little things for business, productivity and so on. While...
  6. I

    The end of asking for new ideas?

    I was reading the latest post of MJ about the new ChatGPT and got some impressive results in a vary different subjects. But there is one thing that new people are always asking for and posting about in this forum, which are business ideias. Maybe this can help you guys in finding something...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    ChatGPT AI is a huge breakthrough, a Google killer

    HOT! CHAT 
    Been spending some time on ChatGPT, holy shit this thing is insane, a total Google killer. It in effect, is like the Star Trek "computer" for those of you familiar with Star Trek. This thing already likely saved me 3 hours of my time in a matter of 10 seconds. I haven't been this impressed...
  8. Nryche

    I'm Back!

    Hey everyone! After a couple of years of trying different things, overcoming limiting beliefs and learning, I finally started my Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation business (which is what I have done during my whole career. It's been quite a ride! I just closed a very good...
  9. Stan_

    Do most brochures suck? And would I be able to fix it?

    I've struggled to find a business idea for over 2 months now and I've ended up jokingly searching "Brochure design" through Keyword Planner (recommended by Demarco in his book, thank you) thinking "I'll just make some little brochures to make a living". In my surprise I found out that MANY...
  10. ZeroToOne

    Data Science / Machine Learning Contests

    To the data scientists and machine learning/AI enthusiasts out there, have you had any experience with Quantopian or QuantConnect or know someone who has? I'm specifically interested in the format of the contests on those sites; where people submit trading algorithms that are back tested and...
  11. Drive2Riches

    Primary vendor raising its costs by 150% forces innovation (command of Control)

    Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be looking around for how I can eliminate my reliance on this particular vendor. For about three years, the service they provided me with has been a perfect fit for my system, a perfect cog in my business wheel. They wrote that they're raising my cost per...
  12. ChrisV

    My favorite Machine Learning / Data Science / AI resources

    I'm gonna just use this as a resource dump for anyone interested. Feel free to add whatever you'd like. So I just realized that PBS's Crash Course (one of my favorite YouTube Channels) put up the beginnings of a full AI course on YouTube. View...
  13. D

    Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur

    Hi my name is David. I have founded my company Pixel Logic GmbH in 2017 in Switzerland. I'm in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. I'm a service provider for small businesses who want to get started to use AI. My homepage: Home - Computer vision | Pixel Logic The last 6...
  14. J

    Disappointed by the dream job

    Hello, @MJ DeMarco Congratulations to everyone being on this forum ! I’m Jeremy and I work on self driving cars and artificial intelligence. About two years ago, I graduated from Engineering School in Paris. My final year internship job was pretty sexy : Artificial Intelligence for banking. At...
  15. AllenCrawley

    Will AI end advertising as we know it?

    With 2018 projections of global advertising at $550 Billion how can anyone see an end to advertising as we currently know it? I just read an email from Peter Diamandis that's got me thinking. Here's the email... Will we see this in our lifetime? What will this mean for Facebook, Google and...
  16. akTwelve

    Chinese social networks for sharing AI related content?

    I've recently been studying artificial intelligence heavily and I plan to start an AI business in the future. For now I'm trying to grow a following by sharing AI related blog posts and tutorials on my personal website and Medium. I know that AI is growing just as quickly in China and it...
  17. Chris McCarron

    Are you ready to adapt?

    I meet a lot of people in business who aren't prepared to adapt to where their industry is headed or to what their ideal customer really wants. Inevitably those same companies often go out of business and/or suffers a huge reduction in that amount of revenue that it can produce. Similarly...
  18. GetShitDone

    A.I Will Kill 50% Of Jobs

    Artificial Intelligence is predicted to wipe out 50% of all jobs. That goes for both blue collar and white collar. A.I will replace low skill labour with robots and additionally replace medium (and even high) skill labour with machine learning software. Mark Cuban has said that A.I will...