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  1. C


    Hi guys Just wanted your take on the way you do proposals I've recently had someone interested in my service (digital marketing) and they asked me to send over a proposal. I sent them a PDF with 4 pages that had a list of our services, what they entail and their prices but I'm not sure this is...
  2. GrandRub

    Digital Marketing / Webdesign Cold Emailing - What to expect?

    Hey Guys and Girls! all of you doing cold emailing how much (positive) responses and meetings do you usualy get from 100 mails? how many sales? i am sending cold emails out cold emails for my webdesign / PPC Freelance Business - Personalized to each business. i point out 1-2 opportunitys...
  3. Dami-B

    EXECUTION Thinking Big but Starting Small to Earn first $1

    I'm launching a crowdsourcing agency to link animators, videographers and content producers with brands and companies that need their service. It's a connection service where I intend to pool in about 1000 independent creators to start with and at the same time pitch agencies and brands who...
  4. J

    WEB SCHOOL Outsourcing web development with my agency

    Hi, In todays world, there are lots of freelancers you can hire to do jobs like web design, graphic design, marketing services etcetera. I also noticed, that there are a lot of people who need a website for their businesses and are willing to make an investment. I have been thinking and I got...
  5. H

    Social Media Marketing Agency - First Client and Doubts

    Hello Fastlaners! This is one of my first posts at this forum, however it's been few years since I've encountered The Fastlane concept and MJ DeMarco's writings. I've managed to have a tentative deal with one travel agency owner in central European country. I've started company's instagram...
  6. Jeremy Ellens

    How to build a $720k/year marketing agency by selling quizzes

    My first post is inspired by @Sean Marshall's great article on how he built his agency. In 2015, I lost three clients worth 35% of our monthly revenue and was had two of them threaten to sue me. Since then, we went on to close 189 clients in just two years and grew our revenue to...
  7. Saavik

    EXECUTION [Progress] Replacing freelance income with agency profits

    Hi all, in this thread, I am going to track progress towards my 2019 goal: Increasing my agency revenue from currently 3k (average of last quarter 2018) to 15k. In my model calculations, this number should result in sufficient profits for me to give up personal freelancing and live off of my...
  8. Saavik

    INTRO Physician to writer to entrepreneur & halfway there

    Hi all! Pleased to meet you. I'm a mid-thirties woman from Europe, and I'll refrain from posting any specifics - for now, at least - because I joined after reading Unscripted to find a community of like-minded people to bounce ideas off each other, not to promote my business. Anyway, here's my...
  9. LarsJelle

    Dutch company expanding to the USA

    Hello all! It's a very big step for me to leave the slowlane and introduce myself into the fastlane. I'm from The Netherlands and creating my own Digital Marketing Agency. I'm in doubt where I should get my clients. It's hard to outsource in The Netherlands because the people ask for high $...
  10. CopyDane

    Freelance to agency > Why would people work for me?

    Hey there, everyone! Short presentation: I've been working as a freelance copywriter since 2013. I don't really like writing, but I know my way around the field by now. Recently I've been thinking seriously about stepping it up, hiring young copywriters and scaling my business into an agency...
  11. DEADZ

    Ask Me Anything - IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    Hey guys, For anyone that has questions concerning Instagram Automation and the Monetization of it... I'm here to answer any & all of your questions to the best of my ability. What I can help with: Niche selection + Targeting advice. How to optimise for conversions. How to keep your (or...
  12. Daniel Budai

    Best ways to find first marketing agency clients?

    Hi everyone, I really know this topic is overtalked, however, I'd like to ask for the help of experienced business owners in this. I'm starting my content marketing agency now ( > my apologies if it's not allowed to share this here) and want to get my first clients (my first...
  13. nickR8

    EXECUTION $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge —23 y/o, built 6-fig biz last year [VIDEO]

    Hey! I thought I'd post me documenting my $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge for you to follow along :) A little about myself: I've been dabbling in business since dropping out of college almost 3 years ago. But I only started "hitting my stride" last year when I went from making next to nothing...
  14. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @Nicoknowsbest about Goal-Setting and moving from Freelancer through Agency

    AndyTalks with @Nicoknowsbest about Goal-Setting and moving from Freelancer through Agency (A chat from Jan 2017 that was in the can ready to be edited and published. I've a few more to do, all while keeping up with the calls happening every week!) Myself and Nico had been doing work together...
  15. H

    Coming up with a web design agency name

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum and decided to finally make my first post. This forum and MJ Demarcos book have motivated me to get off my butt and finally take the first step to entrepreneurship. I've been reading this forum and taking notes and decided to finally get started. I plan on...
  16. Scot

    Why has this never happened?

    So I was thinking about something this morning, why has no one ever done this? We have an incredible community here of great copy writers, advertisers, web designers, app designers, entrepreneurs, and expert in other areas. I'm surprised no ones put together a Fastlane "Dream Team". I know...

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