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  1. G

    My Ads Guy Makes $42,000 Per Month Playing With Money. I'm in the Wrong Business

    I recently hired a META/Google/TikTok ad agency to run ads for my e-commerce. One guy who handles 21 accounts. I pay him 2K per month and allow him to spend an additional 5K per month in ad spend. Am I missing something or is this guy making BANK? And if so... is this the hottest career path...
  2. Zaparile

    The Start of my Journey

    Hi everyone, I joined this forum a couple months ago because I was watching a YouTube video about the book "The Millionaire Fastlane" I just glanced around for a bit, added the book to my wish list and forgot about it. That is until a week ago when I started reading the book. Let me just say...
  3. G

    Embarking on a Marketing Adventure - Need wisdom regarding new clients

    Hey everyone, I'm starting my marketing company! I've got a bunch of experience from working at a tourism company, running my projects, and growing my TikTok account. So, I'm thinking of offering my marketing skills to small businesses and I've got two ideas on how to start: Offer a...
  4. I

    Finally started a somewhat successful business, but hit a wall and I'm stuck.

    I started learning online marketing a few years ago (SEO, copywriting, web development, email marketing, etc...) and was picking up some gigs here and there. I started taking things seriously at the beginning of this year and it went pretty well. I started doing freelance copywriting, got a few...
  5. Zkskak


    Hey hope you guys are doing well! Decided I would create an execution thread to track my progress and provide insights for others in my situation. I’m in school working to break into quant finance. I’m a freshman, but have been getting internship offers, applying to undergrad research in the...
  6. Lochlan

    Is SMMA a good business model to start

    Im 15 and trying to decide on a business model to start, I'm leaning towards SMMA at the moment because even if it does not work out I'll have a good foundation in marketing for when I start another business (like a internet business). I ran it by the 5 commandments in the millionaire fast lane...
  7. G

    Opinions on the new "AAA" business? A good way to learn or a shortcut scam?

    Semi recently a bunch of people have been talking about starting this "new business model" called an AI Automation Agency (AAA). I don't know much about it, but I am interested. I am not trying to use some kind of shortcut to wealth, or make a bunch of money right here right now. That is why I...
  8. RayanMargham

    Executing an AAA Agency

    I'm gonna start this thread to keep me accountable. I noticed that businesses (especially smaller ones) are looking to implement AI into their business in some form due to the recent AI craze so I'm going to start an AI Automation Agency to appeal to this need and provide value. Week 1 Goals...
  9. G

    Agency Selling Time vs. Selling Results? How to Get Over the Guilt?

    Background: Running a B2B marketing company. I'm sick of feeling guilty about selling a marketing service that doesn't generate tangible results 100% of the time. In some cases we do, which I'm really proud of. In some cases we don't, which I feel extremely guilty about. In every case we try...
  10. E

    Best Niches For "SMMA" ("Copiers" are not allowed)

    Guys fast start to discussion is I in this "SMMA" for a while and what I see is because of these "content creators" that try to sell courses, peolpe that want to make "easy money" just came to the niche like a surf wave and f*ck it up all the niche market. Not all of it but most of it (at least...
  11. Kaiwentsolo

    My Journey of running a B2B Agency

    So in my last post, which was months back, I mentioned being in a group of other high schoolers with the same mindset of achieving freedom in life through providing value. So one friend and I have started a b2b agency that is focused on helping smaller businesses. I've had to discuss with him...
  12. adnanazmi

    Seeking Passionate Partners & Business Buddies for Mutual Growth! Thread to make friends

    Hey everyone! I'm on a mission to find ambitious and like-minded partners, accountability buddies, and business enthusiasts to join me in our pursuit of success! A little more about me (spent years developing these skills): Skilled in sales: I have a knack for understanding customers'...
  13. ORStrat

    I Quit My Job to Start a Research Agency

    So, a year or so ago, I was talking to some contacts in a certain region of the world and I realised the information I was receiving from them was incredibly valuable and potentially monetisable. This, with my experience in strategy consulting and data analysis gave me the idea to start a...
  14. L

    Switching from Medicine (Becoming A Doctor) to Becoming An Entrepreneur

    Hello there, I'll start by saying I'm currently a junior at a university in Kentucky studying Neuroscience, and I'm 20 years old. Ever since high school, the goal was to become a doctor, and thankfully, I got a scholarship to study Neuroscience in college. So far, I've maintained a perfect GPA...
  15. General JB2006

    Is an Agency a good fastlane?

    What do you guys think about making a agency as a Fastlane Business. I've been seeing this Iman Gadzhi dude on YouTube lately and he does a SMMA and says agencies are a good way to make money. I feel like there is some salt in his advice. Has anyone here started an Agency and what are the...
  16. Absar

    I want to start a service-based agency, but not sure what service to provide, and to whom?

    Hey, So, basically, I want to start an agency, but I can't pick up one service and niche to start. (I know it's silly). I spent 3-4 months learning about funnels, I am good at web design, and can outsource the sales-copy work. I can provide funnel services to coaches & consultants, content...
  17. Black_Dragon43

    Does your Agency have the foundations to scale to $1M+?

    This method helped multiple agency owners scale to $1M+ or multiple 6 figures and recently I heard about two consultants who stole it and were using it with their own students. Unfortunately for them, they didn't understand it properly. I created the NPOT Methodology™ for scaling an agency...
  18. RebornPhoenix

    Creating Value and Making an Irresistible Offer

    I want to work towards creating significant value and offering something meaningful. In my last journey with Web Design and Digital Marketing, I always felt like a scammer because I had no idea whether I could deliver results and offer something useful. In this journey, I am going to try stuff...
  19. Black_Dragon43

    3 Steps to Create an Irresistible Message to Market Your Agency

    One of the biggest issues smaller agencies struggle with is articulating the value they offer to prospects in their outreach. In many cases what they can do for clients is extremely beneficial, and it's often to a much higher standard of quality than big agencies can deliver. But with fewer...
  20. Paco G

    Do you know about Ad Agencys?

    I want to start an Ad Agency, but I'm inexperienced in entrepreneurship. If you have experience in running an Ad Agency, PLEASE contact me in this Forum. Thanks in advance