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  1. O

    I am lost, need direction...

    Hello guys, I cut this short Hopefully will get someone who is doing better than me to reply and give their honest opinion on what should I do Currently 26 years old, have over 50k+ in liquid cash from different online businesses/side hustles/freelancing I started a women's hair care brand 3...
  2. Chris Rickard

    8 things I learnt from starting, running, and selling a software agency

    Hey guys, I am a software developer that started (or rather stumbled into starting) a software development agency. Financially, it went a lot better than I originally expected. We hit 6 figures in year 1, high 6 figures in year 2, and 7 figures in year 3. We were super happy with this result...
  3. Greg R

    [Process] Transfer of Skills To Agency

    Just a week or two ago, I created a new business that was based on a transfers of skills I've acquired over the last 5 years and a built-in customer base. To summarize, I've learned a lot about SEO from my product-based company. So much so, that people started asking me to help them. A...
  4. Black_Dragon43

    Get 1000s of B2B Leads WITHOUT Paying For Ads or Spending Your Time!

    I am currently offering Fastlane members a 10% discount off my newest product, which includes the lead generation system that I have been using myself to book thousands of leads. The real price for access is $49 for Fastlane users, please ignore the general, public price mentioned on this page...
  5. 0

    I could use some life advice...

    So it feels like I'm at a cross-roads and could use some advice from others. Not entirely sure which way to take things right now and every path seems uncertain. So about 3 months ago I got into crypto, mainly NFTs. Turned 8k into about 40k. (Made a bunch of mistakes and lost some money, made...
  6. H

    Starting my first SMMA business!

    So here we are. I'm tired of my 9-5 job not going anywhere and I want to try something for myself, and what I've been looking very much into is Social Media Marketing Agency. I've been taking Iman Gadzhi's course, and some other readings about Facebook ads, copywriting etc, and hoping I'm soon...
  7. F

    Where can I find clients for our E-Commerce Agency?

    Hello guys my name is Fiete and i live in Germany, in the near of Berlin. I am currently running an e-commerce agency with my business partner. We get a lot of recommendations and have a good customer network. But we don't just want to rely on our regular customers, now we want to invest more...
  8. Crexty

    I want to start a Software Agency.... Where are my software business owners?

    I want to start a software agency. No not your run of the mill development agency in India that promises to produce your software for $500, but a professional firm. Not interested in website design as much as creating actual full-stack apps. I want to help people launch/build software that is...
  9. V

    Started a Website that displays certain events of my region

    Hey folks, I am happy to share content with you guys for the first time. Its about my website that i just launched three weeks ago. On the page, I plan to connect potential customers that want to take part in special events that you can do just in my area. So my plan is to build a...
  10. LifeisSuffering


    Hi before i read TMF and Unscripted, i was thinking to start a business that "i love " but now i want a business that can serve people in my country, Algerie situated in North africa I did some research and i saw many influencer and business suffer from a lack of connection So i decided to...
  11. Envious

    Growing a Pay Per Click Business (Agency?)

    I've started a new progress thread that is going to be focused on scaling pay per click freelancing until it becomes a high income cashflow business. I hate the term Agency, but what I do know is that I don't wan't to get stuck in the weeds being a freelancer. While there is nothing inherently...
  12. Doctor.IM

    Opinions Needed - Email Marketing Agency

    Hi Guys, I'm about to launch and fully focus on a brand new venture, on which I'd love to have some opinions about. It'll be a performance-based email marketing agency for e-commerce owners on the FR market. Why Email Marketing ? My core skills are Amazon and Email marketing. As it has been...
  13. C


    Hi guys Just wanted your take on the way you do proposals I've recently had someone interested in my service (digital marketing) and they asked me to send over a proposal. I sent them a PDF with 4 pages that had a list of our services, what they entail and their prices but I'm not sure this is...
  14. GrandRub

    Digital Marketing / Webdesign Cold Emailing - What to expect?

    Hey Guys and Girls! all of you doing cold emailing how much (positive) responses and meetings do you usualy get from 100 mails? how many sales? i am sending cold emails out cold emails for my webdesign / PPC Freelance Business - Personalized to each business. i point out 1-2 opportunitys...
  15. Dami-B

    Thinking Big but Starting Small to Earn first $1

    I'm launching a crowdsourcing agency to link animators, videographers and content producers with brands and companies that need their service. It's a connection service where I intend to pool in about 1000 independent creators to start with and at the same time pitch agencies and brands who...
  16. J

    Outsourcing web development with my agency

    Hi, In todays world, there are lots of freelancers you can hire to do jobs like web design, graphic design, marketing services etcetera. I also noticed, that there are a lot of people who need a website for their businesses and are willing to make an investment. I have been thinking and I got...
  17. H

    Social Media Marketing Agency - First Client and Doubts

    Hello Fastlaners! This is one of my first posts at this forum, however it's been few years since I've encountered The Fastlane concept and MJ DeMarco's writings. I've managed to have a tentative deal with one travel agency owner in central European country. I've started company's instagram...
  18. Jeremy Ellens

    How to build a $720k/year marketing agency by selling quizzes

    My first post is inspired by @Sean Marshall's great article on how he built his agency. In 2015, I lost three clients worth 35% of our monthly revenue and was had two of them threaten to sue me. Since then, we went on to close 189 clients in just two years and grew our revenue to...
  19. Saavik

    [Progress] Replacing freelance income with agency profits

    Hi all, in this thread, I am going to track progress towards my 2019 goal: Increasing my agency revenue from currently 3k (average of last quarter 2018) to 15k. In my model calculations, this number should result in sufficient profits for me to give up personal freelancing and live off of my...
  20. Saavik

    Physician to writer to entrepreneur & halfway there

    Hi all! Pleased to meet you. I'm a mid-thirties woman from Europe, and I'll refrain from posting any specifics - for now, at least - because I joined after reading Unscripted to find a community of like-minded people to bounce ideas off each other, not to promote my business. Anyway, here's my...

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