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  1. Spenny

    2. Taking Action & Getting on with it.

    This continues on from my last post of Keeping Myself Accountable. I'm posting weekly to keep myself accountable & see my progresssion. I'm posting a day early. Progress so far Ticked off 3/3 goals from last week. Finished Chemistry Stencil Prototype & Researched Manufacturers I'm currently...
  2. Spenny

    1. Keeping Myself Accountable

    So I'm going to say this immediately, I'm scared at the thought of making this post. I'm finding ways to not hit that black "post thread" button. I've just made my 10/5/1 plan and I need to start taking it seriously. The things I want to have in 10 years: £10,000,000 in net worth, regularly...
  3. K

    Responsibility and accountability

    I am pondering on one of the things MJ Demarco has wrote in TMF, responsibility and accountability. As we get aware of the scripted system and we decide to go unscripted, at that point, we become responsible for chosing to remain scripted or go immediately unscripted and we will be accountable...
  4. mrchuckthetech

    My 30-Day Introduction to the FLF

    So after whining a bit about where I am in life (underemployed almost-graduated college dopout with Progressive MS who just realized he's been a dabbling Sidewalker who just the computer he had for a job he was hired at redirected back to the job because of a Fedex mistake).... I've finally...
  5. L

    Looking for serious improvement and accountability? Join the mastermind group!

    Hi, hope you all had a great start into the new year! A short introduction to myself: I'm 29 yo and based in Europe. Since 3 years, I'm a full-time business owner and managed to build a small team within the last year. I'm looking for like-minded people to form a mastermind group (max. 4...
  6. fastlaner_1992

    I would like to be around entrepreneurs in Birmingham, UK area

    Is there anyone from the Birmingham area in the UK or at least the Midlands? I would love to connect and see how we could help each other grow. I am also interested in any mastermind groups and local meetups. Message me if you resonate. Thank you.
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Need an Accountability Partner? Find One Here...

    Feel free to use this thread to network and find accountability partners. It is also best to post your closest major city as well as any request... I just posted a text on this in the Unscripted Text Network... (Yes, I see the misspelling.)
  8. KushShah9492

    Changing lanes

    Hello everyone. I’ve been off grid for quite sometime now, only to comeback even weaker. So, here I am, back to square one. This is going to be my progress thread(updating weekly on my progress) and I’m hoping I’d be a regular here. I have decided to scale my dad’s current business( which I’m...
  9. K

    Accountability partner/mastermind?

    Anyone looking for an accountability partner to kill it in 2021? I am. DM me if you're interested. We can hop on a call and decide if it makes sense for us to work together. Concept: Meet virtually several times a month (zoom + slack?), to share goals, progress, and challenges. I want to...
  10. L

    ISO: Accountability Partner!

    My real estate group and I are looking for accountability partners for a weekly call to make sure we all stay on track and our goals. Looking forward to an inclusive environment where we can share ideas and processes. About us: Boston based real estate group that's rapidly growing, 2019...
  11. TookAction

    Mastermind group?

    It seems a lot of entrepreneurs I respect either have a 'mastermind' group or an informal circle of peers that gets together every now and then to be accountable to each other. Keen to understand if anyone has such a group, how you found/ made one and how it's been useful to your development...
  12. K

    Learning to code, pays of, even before you can code.

    (Sorry for my english, it's not my first or second language:hilarious:) This is my progress thread on learning to program from absolutely scratch, not even knowing, what i don't know. A couple of weeks ago, I determined that I wanted to learn to code. The decision was made on getting a firm...
  13. Bigbucks

    Progress Thread

    Hello everyone I have been a member of this forum since reading MJ's first book TMF about a year and half ago which was given to me by my mentor at the moment. At the time I was working a phone sales job, cold calling my best month was 10k in commission knowing what I was capable of, I was...
  14. Surf16

    Progress thread for a New Product in the traveling niche

    I see a lot of progress post that are inspiring and filled with great information. Thought I would share where I am at with my New Product adventure. My business partner and I have come up with a new product that we think is viable and will add value to many business men and women. The...
  15. Telamon25346

    Building a six figure per month business at 17

    Hello, my name is George and im an entrepreneur in the dallas area. some background before i get into this: I've been on this forum for a bit, I read Mj's book last year in winter, im currently in the middle of unscripted. but Ive since spent my time reading other books and just thinking of...
  16. Kreativez

    2019: The year of ME

    Is this just another productivity thread that lasts 3 posts and stops dead in its tracks (I've been guilty of that)? If that's what you're looking for, this ain't it. Let me just give you a slight run down of my life before I continue on because I don't want to deviate from the actual meaning...
  17. Saavik

    [Progress] Replacing freelance income with agency profits

    Hi all, in this thread, I am going to track progress towards my 2019 goal: Increasing my agency revenue from currently 3k (average of last quarter 2018) to 15k. In my model calculations, this number should result in sufficient profits for me to give up personal freelancing and live off of my...
  18. Jeff Noel

    Jeff's 2019 accountability thread

    I decided to make this post as a personal journal to track my progress towards my 2019 goals. I will: Make $100K (gross) from another source than my job. Hold a discussion about sexual preferrences with my girlfriend every month. Ask different people for their uncensored thoughts about me and...
  19. LightHouse

    Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    So you've got your productivity systems set up, got your pomodoro timer set up, got business started or all your tasks at hand that you need to do ..... then nothing. [Stick with me you WON'T regret it, I'm going to give you everything you to be successful below for free] You haven't done...
  20. Stuffing

    If everything is my fault, it means I have control over everything!

    I have always been able to blame myself, even for things that might not be my fault at all, with no problem. It never bothered me to feel responsible. My take on it is that if you're responsible for everything then you're the one in control. Accountability on the other hand... I am still a...

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