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  1. [Tutorial] Building a serverless website for free

    Hi guys, In this post I want to tell you how I went about and built a fully functional website with no servers and for free too! (Well, its free until you get thousands of users). Managing servers and having to worry about downtime is a massive stress. Isn't it better to not think about...
  2. Crossed a major bridge, thanks for all the help!

    Hi yes, I've thought about it and I am going to make a separate tutorial post to provide value
  3. Crossed a major bridge, thanks for all the help!

    My fastlane system is on and alive :) Shouldn't be too long until I'm driving around in a lambo :P Thanks for all the support up to this point fastlane!
  4. Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    what do you mean by dead? im sure there are ways to get it. have u even tried.. i wouldn't mind taking a look at it but looks like u are halfway across the planet
  5. I possess the idea, but not the tech knowledge

    It will take you forever to get to market. You could be facing a blackhole with regulations etc. Stick to something you can realistically do. You can always revisit this once you have more resources
  6. What motivated YOU when you started out?

    young and full of energy
  7. What People Won't Tell You About Crytpo Currency

    “The boom is over” What makes you say that? Market is at an all time high right now. One thing that separates crypto is that every transaction is publicly recorded. If someone steals from you, you at least know what wallet ID your money is in. Whereas if you got cash stolen from you, you are...
  8. How is Johnny Deep worth 200 million? What value does he produce?

    What value does he produce?? Just came across this piece of information.. He doesn't do anything other than act in a few movies right? I guess (successful)movies are super fastlane?
  9. Came across a powerful piece of a software for wanna be manufactories, want to share it

    I'm not even sure what PLC means/does but the fact that you can make a factory to produce an unlimited amount of things blows my mind
  10. Came across a powerful piece of a software for wanna be manufactories, want to share it

    Here it is Next-Gen PLC Training Software with FACTORY I/O It's factory maker software. Very mind blowing stuff
  11. How many consumers do you think there are for every producer?

    As someone who aspires to be a producer and on the fastlane I couldn't help but notice there aren't that many people that actually produce. What do you think the ratio for every consumer is? 1 for every 10, 100? 1000?
  12. GOLD! Web 3.0 (Ethereum) is happening, and most people have no idea what it even is.

    This is usually the case but not always. Some coins are measured against Ethereum on certain exchanges.
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