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    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    I can't believe it's been 5 weeks already, but a lot has happened for me as well. I was just "launching" during the meeting and sales we better than I thought. I remember sitting down at Top Golf with a couple guys and they said that I would run out of inventory I was like "nah, I should be good...
  2. J

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    This was a total mind blow! Coming from someone who attended this 5 years ago, A LOT has changed! It was great to see old connections as well as meet and get inspired by so many incredible people. Just got back home and trying to soak everything in. I'm looking forward to an incredible journey...
  3. J

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    Day 1 was great! Just got up and getting ready for another round of awesomeness.
  4. J

    MEETUPS 2016 Fastlane Summit (Room Shares, Ticket Exchanges, Etc.)

    Hello Kareif, I'll take your ticket. I sent you a PM. Let me know how we get this done! Thanks
  5. J

    EXECUTION International Candy E-commerce Website

    That would be something like this, no?
  6. J

    Amazing fastlane story! - From poor immigrant to multimillionaire

    Great video and he's awesome on Shark Tank!
  7. J

    B&P 2011 Impressions?

    LOL! This thread is great! Thanks again to everyone for setting this up and also thanks for all the great presentations. Kenric was right, I should have put an affiliate link to some Amazon electric toothbrush so I could get some sales...LOL! I'm glad I didn't bore or gross out everyone and now...
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    HOT TOPIC 2011 B&P Pictures Extravaganza Thread

    Hey Everyone! I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you all! I know I don't post on here as much as I should but I will definitely try and spend more time interacting here. Overall, I picked up some great tips and ideas that will hopefully allow me to expand my own endeavors...
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    HOT TOPIC 2011 Beer & Pancakes

    Hey Everyone. I'm looking forward to B&P and meeting all of you. I've been pretty quiet on this forum since I signed up a few months ago because I was learning about the world of internet marketing and SEO stuff. I've also been thinking about what to present and really couldn't come up with...
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    OFF-TOPIC What fast cars do you own?

    This is a great post. I'm loving all the cool cars you all have posted! I personally had a 2001 Boxster S, then a 996 Turbo X-50 with some mods, then a Mercedes CLS (which I got rid of quickly) and just for the hell of it I got a Prius. I've been kinda all over the place.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Can someone educate about making websites please?

    Hey MJ. Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what I was wondering about. I spend a lot of time on Teamspeed, 6-speedonline and l-power and other car forums and I see the sponsors they have lined up on the side. Why do you say these ideas are not "fastlane"? I do see them taking time to...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Can someone educate about making websites please?

    This is great and what I was looking for as well. Currently I am in the middle of "the challenge" and it seems to be geared more towards wordpress and review type sites. I am looking more into the "forum" direction. What's the difference between simplescripts and vbulletin? Or are they 2...
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    OFF-TOPIC Need some forum assistance.

    I thought that name looked familiar...welcome fellow l-power brother!
  14. J

    OFF-TOPIC The end of the Murcielago era!

    I knew this day would come. It's bittersweet. Hey MJ, are you going to put a deposit on the next generation? I'm sure it will be even more over-the-top than the Murcie. Lamborghini Discontinues the Murcielago

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