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  1. Edge

    Bitcoin Mining

    Sure, the gas will eventually run out. At current prices in $/mmbtu terms, the gas is more valuable as feedstock to a generator used to mine bitcoin vs. selling to a pipeline wholesale.
  2. Edge

    Bitcoin Mining

    Thanks for weighing in here Bio- Actually my primary interest isn't in making money on either the facility or the future expected price. It is a way to use a physical position (mining) to hedge a paper position (bitcoin option spreads) that would be the core position. Essentially, my free gas...
  3. Edge

    Bitcoin Mining

    I know this was big a few years ago, but is anyone currently mining bitcoin? I own some gas wells so I have next to free gas to feed a generator to set up mining operations. Now that CME is offering Futures and Options products on bitcoin it seems you can create markets and hedge risk just...
  4. Edge

    Attended a past Summit? Did you know this?

    I've missed the past 3 or 4, but attended a handful before then.
  5. Edge

    Mastermind Groups Forming

    I'd be interested in a monthly or twice a month meeting. Similar Vehicle - Paper investments My interest is around paper investing (alternative investments - option spreads) and would like to mastermind with people that have similar interests including knowledge or past experience with...
  6. Edge

    Who's arriving in Phoenix on Thursday Evening?

    I'm arriving right at 5:00. Look forward to catching up with everyone at FireSky.
  7. Edge

    Official 2014 Beer & Pancakes Topic Thread

    I've given 3 B&P presentations over the years on option spreads. I've covered naked contracts, vertical spreads, and calendar (time spreads), all other spreads are derived or a combination of these three. I've noticed that I never get questions related to the technical side of spreads, but i'm...
  8. Edge

    Where to invest my money?

    First and foremost, I'd protect and accelerate the revenue stream you already have. Treat your oil revenue as your business and invest in your business. Oil income is the perfect stream to work hand-in-hand with the paper oil market. Learn about and invest in structured derivative products...
  9. Edge

    Grow Bigger Than Your Problems

    Hey Runum - What ended up happening? Did you move in a new direction? One thing I also learned is growing bigger than your problems turns into creating your own problems. Creating and solving your own problems can also be filled with opportunity you wouldn't have ever seen if you didn't...
  10. Edge

    Business and Brewskies 2014

    I'm interested.
  11. Edge

    2013 Beer & Pancakes

    Apparently there is a snow storm coming to KC on Thursday, so... I switched my flight to Wednesday afternoon. I'm up for brunch on Thursday. Where's the elbow-bending taking place on Wed night?
  12. Edge

    An Option Trade - Watch Me Make/Lose Money!

    Nice analysis, I'm one of the people planning on doing some business in the 480 area of AAPL. If you remember from the other thread, I've been rolling short puts at the 480 strike from a trade I made going into earnings. Looks like there is a lot of open interest at the 500 call strike for...
  13. Edge

    2013 Beer & Pancakes

    I didn't realize I had a hand in unleashing that beast, glad to hear it though. Gary - look forward to meeting you as well. Funny you can't make money with options and I can't make money without them.. Without options, you have to be right about direction, that's HARD!
  14. Edge

    2013 Beer & Pancakes

    Great, weekly options listed 5 weeks out on the major indices changed the way I do everything. Am I going to get to catch up with you at B&P?
  15. Edge

    2013 Beer & Pancakes

    Hope it's OK that an old-timer decided to make an appearance, I think i've missed the past two events and i've been MIA around here for a while also. Look forward to catching up with everyone and meeting everyone else.

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