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Andy Black
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  • Hey Andy! I am a new member here and I am looking to get into the Adwords / lead generation game in my local community. If I may ask, what do you base your price per lead on and do you rent the domain / landing page to each client?
    Hi Andy, i was wondering if you could help me out on an adword query? will google approve an ad that is unrelated to the website it links too? or do i need to create a dedicated test site?
    thanks for your time.
    Andy Black
    Andy Black
    Oops. Just spotted this.

    If the ad is unrelated to the website, then it'll likely have a low Quality Score and you'll be charged a higher CPC for a lower (worse) ad position. The ad should still run.

    I've run ads sending traffic to the Yellow Pages sometimes, just to get an ad up and running quickly and see it in situ.
    If you know to happen someone who might profit from the tracking solution I have - please get in touch, I am happy to share my revenue if any is made based on your referrals (I am NOT an affiliate, remember)! Hope that is cool with you.
    Andy, you gave me a good important idea for all my links I am using here on the forum now (as I am also a sponsor of the forum now), I simply redirect now all mobile users to a simpler and "just sign up quickly" which is anyway the way to go with mobile users - they rarely spend like 30-60 minutes on a sales page, depending on their size of their screen. :)
    Thanks for your feedback about the mobile device. Could you send me in private maybe what webbrowser you are using and what Android version. But mobile web browsing is something that is literally uncontrollable. What I did now is that I redirect all mobile to the signup page at (your personal link) - I would be happy to hear how you like the tracking solution.
    Hi Andy,

    We built an ecommerce store that has sold $1M worth of product in the last 18 months. We used barely any advertising (except word of mouth and a few paid classifieds) to get here.

    We want to get into Adwords, read your posts and signed up for an account. Google contacted us to assist us. They suggest spending 75-150 EUR/day. Is this worth it? Got any advice?

    Willing to share URL via PM


    Great to see you making waves around here Andy. love to meet up with you and another few home grown fastlaners. Let me know if you that interests you. ...Cheers
    Hi Andy. I just came across your post where mentioned AdWords. I used to try and learn it last year, I'd say I got a little bit past the beginner stage, as I actually had practice and helped an appliance repair company with it. I wanted to ask you is if you had some advice about how one can practice it since I have no website and dont have that job now. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you!
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