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  • Your call with @Andy Black was very insightful. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting started in lead gen and what you've done is very interesting. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, would it be possible to connect briefly? Thanks! (I'm doing my first track day this year btw!)
    We're in the very beginning phase right now... starting to change our strategies a lot but after a couple months of half focusing haven't made a single dollar yet unfortunately.

    Hoping it doesn't turn out like this lol. My share is 10% vested equity...

    Thanks so much for the write up man
    Man, your recruiting story is so much like mine right now! Like dead on.

    Started as an employee at a magazine for a guy, done pretty well as he's invested a lot into training me, and he wanted to start a recruiting firm using all the network he built from that.
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