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  • Belated thanks for the speed!

    For some reason I feel like an adderall junkie now, lol.
    Hey PatrickP,

    in the thread the other day about fitness you mentioned you didn't want to get fitness advice from a guy that looked like that. I fully agree.
    I think I have a book for you that you might not have heard of that you find interesting. It might give your way of training a boost.
    You can always do some research about the writer, but I think you will really like this book: Warrior Cardio: The Revolutionary Metabolic Training System for Burning Fat, Building Muscle, and Getting Fit (9780062074287): Martin Rooney: Books

    Hey! I tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't let me, so I send you a friend request.

    I pretty much admire all your posts. You sound like a genuine guy who's gone through the ropes and is giving back. I really appreciate it.

    I have a question if you have time, obviously it is okay if you don't. I'm basically asking something for nothing.

    Right now I am interested in selling a supplement, which I've heard you have experience in. I realize that writing a sales letter is the first step to see if I can actually get people to click the "Buy Now" button before actually producing it.

    My current idea is to make 5HTP with Vitamin B-6 to help absorption. I could make supplements such as 5-HTP, Tyrosine, St. John's Wort etc targeting people with depression, but instead of just shipping out the bottle, send it out with detailed instructions on how to best use it, signs to be aware of, etc. The website could even offer follow-up support, forum, etc. to ensure that people are getting the results they need.

    Does this sound like anything worthwhile to you?
    Hey Patrick... where in FL do you live again? I will be down in the Orlando area from Saturday till Friday. Maybe chance for a quick meetup if logistics work?
    Thanks for your input buddy. It is great to have you back. I always get value from your posts!
    If you read this anytime I really enjoyed having you on the forum and would be more than happy to see you come back and update us on your progress, just ignore the guys who rub you the wrong way
    Hey Mike,

    You never left me your contact info. I believe in one of my PM's to you I left my #. Give me a call one day or message me with your info so we can stay in contact. Hope you decide to come back.


    Hope business and all new projects are going well. It's good meet like-minded friends here on the FF so thanks for accepting the request.

    All the best,

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