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    GOLD! Bought a huge house with a 3 car garage and a pool!

    Mission accomplished. How are you gonna celebrate? And after that, what’s next?
  2. andviv

    NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    Government employee loving in northern Virginia???
  3. andviv

    HOT TOPIC Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    The point should not be about how old a thread is but how relevant and with solod info it is, wouldn’t you agree?
  4. andviv

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    It's been a week since your last update... how are the new ads performing? More adjusts needed? Any new insights now that you have had more data?
  5. andviv

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    Just curious, what was your criteria to buy? What did you know about the business? the market? What was your plan to improve the business? What was the opportunity you saw? Anyway, probably you would be better off here if you posted a Lessons Learned thread as to not derail this one.
  6. andviv

    GOLD! 29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    Brother, this fills my heart with happiness. Great job! And remember, you were happy without the car, and because of that, you can be happy now that you have it. And, the best news is, you still will be happy when you don’t have it anymore. Cheers!
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    HOT TOPIC Business Structure Basics

    Not an expert, but, didn’t Amazon report losses for more than a decade in a row?
  8. andviv

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    Are you running the same ads the previous owner had, or are you going with something new?
  9. andviv

    GOLD! Margaritaville (I've Bought A Golf-Course!)

    Exactly what I was thinking.... his "retirement" definitely does not meet the expectation for most people...
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    NOTABLE! How to Buy A McLaren for $20K

    You meant 2X, right?
  11. andviv

    HOT TOPIC Spend your money on diesel and coffee

    Such a fascinating thread.... and the video format is cool, but I agree... I do not want to get into a 15 mins boring chat, so the summary and the transcript convinced me that it was worth watching the video.
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    NOTABLE! {Success Story} Feeling stuck? A six month case study of when I dropped everything to buy a business

    Awesome. I want to be like you when I grow up, my friend!!! Thanks for sharing this thread, I love it. Rep++
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    Dude, in case I was not clear enough last weekend: You are F'ing AWESOME!!!

    Dude, in case I was not clear enough last weekend: You are F'ing AWESOME!!!
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    BOOK REVIEW Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    My Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars Format: Audible My thoughts/review: I loved the way he described his hacking of his mindset. I have personally his that "wall" many times and hear to the voice of reason saying "nope, this is it, this is your limit" but, listening to his story, I can...
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    HOT TOPIC Blue Collar Recession

    As "entitled" this may sound, I am glad this generation is seeing that way... Thousands of posts here talk about how men here are "sick of their jobs" and want out. I live and work in Washington DC, city full of dissatisfied lawyers. Maybe wanting to work for/in something fulfilling is not...
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