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YOUTUBE: Trust + Virality = Success | How to create viral videos

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Mar 18, 2017
Why should I read this?
Do you want to create a brand? Do you want to get above the noise? Do you want to market your product on one of the biggest platforms on the planet? Do you want to set up a marketing system that works for you 24/7? Or do you even want to become an influencer? This is a gift for you!

What is this about?
In this thread I'll give you a few very valuable hints on how to create viral videos on Youtube, based not on my experience but on that of Simple Pickup (2.7M Subs) Lets roll

<start basic shit>
Why marketing on YouTube?
- 1/3 of all internet user are using Youtube (growing)
- free to use
- easy to set up

How to use it
Now its getting interresting. I think 99% of you guys know Youtube and they know about its potential - but also most of you know that it's f*cking hard to get above the noise cause if I can set up a channel in 5min - everyone can!
But still: almost potential customers are worth the effort - so how should I do it?

1. Know what you want, set a SMART goal
2. Know what role YouTube will play in your marketing strategy
3. Plan how much money and time you want to dedicate to YouTube
4. Will YouTube be your main marketig channel or just one of many?
<end basic shit>
So. Once you know what you expect and what you're willing to sacrifice let get to the value

<start value>
What is the formula of success on Youtube?

What does it mean?
This is the magnitude. It's more important to impact your viewers heavily than just superficial. F.e. If you film your cat doing something funny you might get 1mio views but you won't get any subscribers because no one cares about you. You don't relate to your viewers. There is no trust. So you can't sell them anything because they don't give a shit. Better have 100 people who trust you than 1.000 who don't give a shit!

How to create trust?
1. Know your viewers as percisely as possible
2. Be their best friend
3. Target your viewers carefully
4. Ballance quality & quantity (regularity is key as much as valuable videos)
5. Try to think from the perspective of your viewers - what would they like?

This is scale. Having 100 people who care is good. Having 100.000 people who care is better! But how do you do it? How can I get my video getting 1.000.000 views? MAKE it viral! Wait, what? Isn't virality something that 'just happens/ luck'? Well do you think becomming a millionaire 'just happens/ luck'?! You CAN'T create a viral video but you CAN manipulate its odds to become viral.

How to create virality
1. Provoke strong emotional responses
2. Ask: What do I want my audience to feel?
Some ideas:
#1 Challenge assumptions
#2 Have a unique perspective
#3 Tell a story
#4 Inspire them to take action
#5 Use trending topics
#6 Have a fresh point of view
#7 Make people laugh or smile
#8 Have an underdog story

The golden Nugget:
It all comes down to KNOW exactly who your viewer is and give to him what he wants/ might want.

<end value>

Thank you for reading
PS: This is my approach to help 50 people. If I could help you please comment below
@MJ DeMarco: Florian Gröne on Twitter

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