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You need a brain rewire...


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May 12, 2018

I just want to say thank you @MJ DeMarco for introducing us to the Fastlane mindset with your amazing book “The Fastlane Millionnaire.” I’ll finish reading it soon and start “Unscripted .”

I hope it will soon change my life. I’ve already read a few gold contents here and all of them was just so inspirational.

So I’m a 29-year-old gal from Madagascar, a very far and remote island next to Africa. I live with my boyfriend and he is unemployed. I’m passionate about the Fastlane because I want to pay my debts and travel the world before starting my family (yes, I’m a woman and I really care about this stuff ;)).

I’m here to learn from you all, because my journey’ve just begun. Ans I hope I can give you too the little things that I know.

I’ve always been a natural entrepreneur. Because I only worked for 8 months in real J.O.B, no 4 of them actually where I couldn’t bear to spend more than 3 months each time. So just after I dropped college, I started freelancing online and I’ve been doing it for nearly 7 years now.

During that period of time, I’ve already tried and failed 5 times, and I didn’t know the fundamental reason before I started reading mainly books and blogs about business, especially The Millionnaire Fastlane which revealed the truth. My first major problem is lack of passion which leads to my laziness. Because I procrastinated a lot before and I was unable to make consistent effort toward my goals. I didn’t know too that we must not follow the “do what you love” path, because it rarely succeed. We have to work hard serving others with the CENTS in order to achieve our own dream, to live our passion.

See, I especially need to rewire for my brain.

You know, there is no entrepreneur nor even really successful people around me. I discovered this fascinating entrepreneur world online and I’ve never heard about financial freedom before 2013. I didn’t even want to be really rich before I met one of my friends who had my age, but already possessed 5 sports car and lives in a spacious apartment, in 2012. She showed me that there is more than just doing an OK job where you trade your time for money (what I still do with my online freelancing services). And even if I wanted to be financially free since then, the odds seemed against me. I knew nobody who has already tried to achieve what I aimed to do and I fell into “make easy money online” trap.

But after reading this book, I now am sure about what I’m achieving. I’m not even trying anymore, now I hustle like crazy to get where I want. Now I help people a lot, and I’m starting to see the result. New clients don’t bargain anymore, because they see my real value through my action. I’ve seen people compliment me about how professional I was just by how I treat them. I focus on what they need and not the money I need anymore and it’s starting to flow.

Besides, I spend most of my time on my very own business, the one that will grow my money tree with CENTS. I’m planning to hire an assistant right now to help each other maximizing the profit by helping more and more people.

It is an online business, if you want to know, because I really like how Internet can break many natural barriers like language and territory. And it’s not about freelancing services anymore too.

I hope I will be helpful around here.

P.S : I’m not a native English speaker so there may be some error in my writing.

Thanks for reading (if anyone have read this far) and let's go back to work guys.
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