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MARKETPLACE Work Smarter, Earn Passively in times When Businesses are Likely to Fail

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Abdullah Asim

Sep 25, 2019
Businesses are at a high risk to run out of cash when they fail to generate revenues. Thus, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have diversified sources of income for entrepreneurs.

That’s why earning through a side income can cater to daily expenses and you can focus on reinvesting in the business to expand it further. Moreover, it also helps entrepreneurs deal with problems in their cash flow while also enhancing their liquidity. It's worth mentioning that it's important to support your primary source of income through a secondary source of income that helps you cater to your expenses and possibly increase your savings.

About 22% of small businesses fail within the first year of its operations and the reason for this failure is lack of funding.

So you want to earn a secondary income, but you don’t want to spend too much time on this secondary source.

Here’s something for you.

How can Cloudways Help?

For most entrepreneurs that are new to this playground and those that have stuck around here for a while, this one’s for you!

Think of a platform that allows you to earn and track your progress through it’s customized dashboard. A dashboard built of progress, providing metrics that matter, only to help one succeed and scale.

An opportunity to earn up to $125 per sale through designated performance slabs.

This gives marketers a great incentive to promote Cloudways while tracking their campaigns and conversions. Imagine being able to track impressions and clicks of a banner ad on a specific blog and being able to see conversions through this channel.

Ok, so I get your point. What makes Cloudways Affiliate Program worth it?

Well for starters, this program is ideal for affiliates that can refer customers on a regular basis. Performance marketers and media publishers can also jump on the bandwagon here to benefit from this earning platform.

Before I tell you more about the program itself, Lets give you a brief overview of Cloudways.

Cloudways in a Nutshell
Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. The platform integrates with five of the industry-leading infrastructures, with the most affordable rates starting at a monthly $10 subscription.
  • Google Cloud Engine
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • DigitalOcean

Since the product takes hosting from these amazing server providers and provides them on a platform that is made for people that don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and optimizing them, this is what makes Cloudways an easy-to-sell service.

Now that the stage is set, let me tell you more details about the Cloudways Affiliate Program.

How the Cloudways Affiliate Program Works
If you understand numbers game in earning through customer acquisitions, this program is for you. The Cloudways affiliate program also fulfills the gap for small businesses to generate the secondary income we spoke of earlier.

Moreover, there’s a team of dedicated affiliate managers waiting to help you - Cloudways Affiliates with queries regarding the program. The team is accessible through the live chat or ticket system if your question requires a more detailed response.

Once signed up to the Cloudways Affiliate Program, you can choose to earn through three different structures.

  1. $50 for 1 - 5 Monthly Referrals
  2. $75 for 6 - 20 Monthly Referrals
  3. $100 for 21 - 45 Monthly Referrals
  4. $125 for 46 - 80 Monthly Referrals

This structure comprises of 4 slabs to choose from, depending on the number of conversions you can bring to Cloudways. The conversions here are simple, the higher the customer referrals the more earning an affiliate can generate.

This is a structure that focuses on passive income, where you - as an affiliate can earn $30 for every referral you bring in. The catch here is that the affiliate will get 7% as recurring commission for as long as their referral stays active with Cloudways.

If you’re looking to earn big through larger conversions, this slab is for you. Here, you can earn up to $200 per sale in exchange for a commitment to perform exceptionally on a consistent basis.

The Cloudways affiliate program panel provides sufficient features to help affiliates perform and track their progress. Imagine being able to track impressions and clicks of a banner ad on a specific blog and being able to see conversions through this channel.

How do I Scale my Earnings

The interesting thing here is learning to scale one’s earnings through these structures. As a rule of thumb, affiliates who opt for the hybrid or custom structure generally earn a higher monthly commission.

Here, the hybrid earning structure plays a very important role in helping affiliates earn passively throughout the year. Let’s take the scenario where you as an affiliate refer five (05) customers for DigitalOcean’s 1GB hosting plan.

The amount of the 7% commission you earn depends on the hosting plan your referred customers opt for. Continuing the above DigitalOcean scenario, you will earn $150 as an upfront commission for the referrals. Moreover, you will be earning 7% of the invoice per month as a recurring commission so as long as the customer stays with Cloudways.

As you can judge for yourself, as your referred client grows and scale up their server plans to cater to growing traffic, the amount on invoice will increase as well. Hence, the amount of the 7% commission would also increase.

Hence the bigger the plan, the higher the earnings for you!

How do I Become a Cloudways Affiliate?

To become a Cloudways Affiliate, sign up on Cloudways and select Affiliate Program in the more apps option. Fill the form with relevant details and click on Create Your Affiliate Profile. The affiliate link can be accessed on top of the page where the form was initially filled.

You can sign up from this page: Site verification

In case you face any issues feel free to shoot an email on the below mentioned email address or visit this page: StackPath

You can get in touch with the Cloudways affiliate team by emailing them on

That’s it, you’re good to go!

Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in this thread. Should a person look for a secondary source of income or should it just stay focused one the primary source? What do you think?

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