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Why I LOVE Going To The Gym In January (Intro To The Squatting Principle)

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Jul 12, 2017
Fort Lauderdale
“Everyone wants to get big, but nobody wants to lift this heavy a$$ weight.” --Kai Greene

I know this blog isn’t about weight lifting or working out, however I must write this post due to what I’m reading in Unscripted right now, and what I’ve experienced in the past 6+ years of weight lifting/going to the gym. I can’t really write about entrepreneurship because I haven’t done it yet, so this is the only way I can help.

Like MJ said in Unscripted : “Everyone knows going to the gym in January SUCKS!” The gym sucks this time of year because people make resolutions to become fitter, healthier, thinner, etc.

For me though, I LOVE going to the gym in January because of 1 reason. The squat rack is always empty. And I mean ALWAYS empty. Let me explain why this is important.

I’m going to go at this from the male perspective because that’s what I know.

This is the “typical” story of what happens during the new year’s gym rush. Person A generally gets the gusto to open a gym membership, because they resolve to get into better shape for the year. Summer is coming quickly, and they want to impress other people with their new-found body. So, they think, “what do women like on a man?” And they conclude a big chest and big arms. And, like clockwork, every person who recently joined the gym for their resolution gravitates towards all the upper body equipment. Think, bench press, decline, incline, basically anything which will make their upper body look good.

Here’s the kicker… These are the people who end up quitting about 1 month into their resolution. They crowd the gym for a month, and leave because they’re not seeing any significant progress towards their appearance.

Now let’s talk about Person B. This person does the opposite of the crowd and starts off his resolution doing squats! Person B did research before becoming a new member of the gym, and reads that squatting twice a week releases more endorphins in the blood system, leading to greater overall improvement AND motivation to keep going (Think runners high). He learns that it’s important to build a solid foundation upon which you then can build the upper body for aesthetic appearance. He learns there is a simple, but tough process to earning a good body.

He enters the gym with a plan, starts small, and builds from there.

I see it all the time, and by now I’ve gotten good about picking who’s going to stay the distance. It’s the person who goes to the squat rack before the bench press, who ends up completing their resolution.

I believe this principle applies to everything in life. There’s always a foundation which must be built before you can get the event. It wouldn’t work any other way because you’re building a house with a foundation of sand.

To the people who have already built your business, and have achieved success. What is your foundation you stand on? And what would you recommend to somebody entering the entrepreneurship game to build?
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Jul 27, 2017
I agree theres a huge difference between guys who train legs and guys who only do chest and bis. But you don't need to train legs BEFORE going upper body, a beginner should start doing both, then after a few months work more on his weakest body parts.

I made that mistake when I started lifting, I never trained calves. Now after a few years I am paying the price, I look like Spongebob Squarepants if I wear large basketball shorts :( So I'll try to not make the same mistake in business

Btw Its king Ronnie Coleman who said "'Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-a$$ weights" ;)


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Aug 4, 2017
Great Britain
This topic was brought up numerous times - it's called: "action fake" vs. actual "action take".

Btw. squats is not the only exercise for your lower body that has to be included in the training; unless you want to be the one with knee pain and injuries.


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Jan 20, 2017
While I agree that most dont do squats, I dont believe that those that start with them wont quit after one month. The muscle soreness after squatting the first time can be very hard to overcome in my opinion. At least in my case
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All Cars Kneel Before Pagani.
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Sep 3, 2017
I prefer deadlifts over squats cos' it's more fun, but I read squats are better for building bulk/mass and will give you a better looking butt, so I now prioritise squats over deadlifts if I've only time/strength left to do either one.

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