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Why do so many people nowadays avoid using React Native for the mobile application development?

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Sep 21, 2018
During the last several years, our company VReal Soft, specialized in Web and Mobile Application Development, has faced with the following issue: a huge number of our potential clients is trying to avoid React Native for developing their mobile applications (for absolutely unknown reasons)! It’s really weird considering the fact, that this framework is one of the most effective ways to develop a high-quality application. Why is it so? Let me explain.

Before React Native were created, we always had to sacrifice the user’s experience or the development time. In other words, we were confused what to choose - the cheaper and simpler development to the detriment of the user's experience, or a good user experience, but a complex and expensive development? In 2015, Facebook has decided that both are important, and created React Native - a JavaScript framework, based on JS and React - JS-library for creating UI (view-level). There are several crucial benefits, which make React Native much more convenient for developing mobile applications for both Android and IOS:

  1. It is a cross platform framework, which mean that we can develop a mobile application for Android and IOS using up to 85% of the same code.

  2. Developers use the same workflow and tools for developing Android and IOS application, which saves a lot of time.

  3. We can easily fix a code, very quickly and debug the existing code.

  4. The process of working on design is also very convenient - even the UIkit developers have proved that the React Native model is much better to use.

  5. Reliability: a huge number of world-known companies and startups prefer React Native as reliable and convenient framework (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Tesla, Wix, Uber, etc).
Thus, choosing React Native you can be 100% sure that you’ll have a high-quality application for Android and IOS in the shortest period of time. There is also one important detail you have to remember - in case you need integrate React Native for Swift or Java Android, you should understand that it require a lot of time time and can cause a lot of unexpected issues.

In case you still want to integrate React Native for Swift and Java Android, our company is ready to help you with this task! Despite the fact, that it is a kind of challenge, we still can do it professionally!

In our huge portfolio we had an experience with one project. We got the client, who have asked as to develop an application and integrate it to another one. The challenge was to integrate React Native mobile application into Native application written on Java Android and Swift. Client thought that he could win more time and the application would be done much faster. But it wasn't, our professionals were spending a month on research and development and finally have done the application. It would be much faster if the client have chose the technology before the development or continued on the existing one. That is why, the expertise and architecture is a very important at the beginning. We always provide our clients with the profound estimation of the project, which is confirmed by the detailed proposal and user-story. All these documents are also include the detailed information about the time of developing a React Native application and any integrations. Besides, from our side, we’re also ready to sign an NDA and guarantee you our confidence!

So, choosing VReal Soft, you will get all the benefits working with the experts, who are ready to show you all the wonders of application development!

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Jul 17, 2018
I heard various opinions about React Native. Actually AirBnB is dropping this framework so there might be some problems. What do you think about Native Script? I think it’s also good, but the main issue for me is that it can’t be used with React..

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