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Dec 21, 2015
Most people don't give a damn carrot about what I do. This post is not directed at them. This post is directed at people who supported me and regularly keep in touch (you know who you're!). So, I'll give some details about what I'm up to and why I was absent from the forum for some time...

As some of you know, I had been battling with severe clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD and other nonsense for at least 2 years. I've survived 2 years of daily procrastination, suicidal thoughts, and avoiding mirrors at all costs - because I had gained so much weight that I felt disgusted at the reflection of myself.

I've posted multiple 'action threads', but none of the got far due to my limiting beliefs and self-imposed illnesses. I was deeply stuck in a victim's mentality and a jail I had created by myself for myself - that was protected 24/7/365.

But something clicked last December. Although I've bounced multiple times, that light on a candle didn't disappear. It got bigger and slower, but it was still there and I was somehow finally moving into the better direction...

I've began by offering free help at first. Then, started slowly advertising myself. My confidence started growing...few months fast-forward (around March) the light got so big that I even forgot to read a book on regular intervals - I was so occupied in action mode that I closed my eyes as soon as I hit the sack...

It's May now, I've given myself a deadline to reach certain business goals by October 1 or else risking going back to a job and hustling on a side - not for monetary reasons though. It's like self-imposed sentence if I put my balls on a bench again and become observer like I once was!

Current situation is good. I wouldn't say financially wise I'm Bill Gates, but people are coming and I had to stop my ads multiple times, so I could build a proper infrastructure (which is not yet built btw). It's nice seeing people spreading the quality of my work all over the Facebook in different groups and groups with thousands of people applauding for what I do...

I don't know what the future will bring, but I am 100% sure I will not get on that bench yet again and be an observer of my life while wearing a jacket with a logo "victim" on a back.

Oh, yea...I've bet €1000 in a Facebook group of 1500 people that I'll run a marathon of 20k by July 31st. Last month I couldn't crawl 2 kilometers without a proper break and was it's 02:40 am here and I am about to jog a 10km this morning and am 110kg. If I fail (which will not happen) the group will be invited to a BBQ and be presented with a €1000 receipt I've spent on food and drinks.

Thanks for checking-in!
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Jul 18, 2018
Mumbai, India
Hi, thanks for asking. Yes, I completed it saved €1000 as a result lol.

Cool senior. I can call you that, right? :clench: While reading the original thread, i saw your determination in it. Wanted to know the result.

So that means with right determination and hardwork we can achieve which seems impossible.
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