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triple gross income; elevating my fathers business

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...


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Jun 6, 2016
Hello TMF -Community

A long time has passed since I was in this forum.

Now that Im writing this thread, my mind is drowning in memories! How fast time goes by...

Anyways, last time I was here, I was very doubtfull, that I could achieve anything with TMF or other mindsets. I thought, that if I could be an entrepreneur than I would have been interested in business since my birth! I really believed that talent was more important than hard work.

"BUT", I told myself, "I can not live this dull dream of my parents!" (they wanted me to go to the university) "I should at least try it and see... maybe I am talented or maybe it really is just hard work?"

At that time I had finished my apprenticeship and started an education that would take 1 year and after that I could have studied at the university. 4 months in this school
my life looked like this:

In school I wasted 3/4th of the time with unnecessary subjects. Simultaneously I tried to invent a special kind of chewing gum with a friend of mine and (yes, they cought me too) I was in an MLM-System for selling real estate. Aaand I worked a tiny little bit for my father in his business:

He has a little company with 2 locations. 1 location worked out pretty well because he had bought it from a previous company so it had very good word of mouth marketing.

The other major location was loosing very very much money each month. I don't want to talk about the details but our family was dependent on his company and it was not a nice time. That is why I noticed the time wasting in school. In the lessons about the environment or vulcanos I had to think about my fathers business going downwards while I had to listen to this BS.

This is taking too long, I have to go back to work! :)

To keep it short and simple:

I dropped out of school to the surprise of everybody (I was doing pretty good)

I had NO idea what to do in my fathers company. To be honest I just did something

I tried different marketing techniques, different dialogues, and I calculated how deep in shit we are exactly. I soon realized: it was veery deep.

So, that was in November 2016.

I soon gave up the chewing gum because it was hardcore action-faking. Then I gave up the MLM-System (it wasn't really bad actually, I made valuable selling experience, selling door to door and with the phone, but I wanted to focus on ONE thing)

The process is summed up with this: trying marketing technique, dismissing it, repeat.
My father never really did marketing, he just copied the techniques of his competitors. He is a craftsman and not really concerned with these kinds of problems.

At first i worked from Monday to Friday from 08.00 - 18.00 o'clock

Then I worked on Saturdays too. Than I worked until 19.00 or sometimes 20.00 o'clock.

In Septembre 2017 I started to work every day of the week from 7.30 to 23.00 o'clock. I was on FIRE. I only had one free day per month. The whole year went by without results. I didn't get a penny as a salary. Then as of Septembre I found the right marketing technique and in only 4 months we got 3 times more gross income than in whole 2016.

This boost is continuing until today and I'm looking for a better marketing technique still. Since the beginning of 2018 I can even take a little salary and we employed 2 more employees. I COULD take quite a big salary. But I'm taking only a little, the rest I'm investing in the company.

Unfortunately I lost my drive a little. Im not working as much as 2 months ago. I am starting to figure out why and I know that I will be on my feet back again. I think the problem is, that it is going quite smooth now. Too smooth, I need the chaos and uncetainty.

There are two reasons for this thread:

1. I want to tell other doubters like myself that you should just try it, even if it isnt going to be spectacular, you will experience for yourself if you are made for entrepreneurship!

2. I thought that I could figure out what the problem of my lost drive is, by telling this story. Unfortunately i didnt really have a revelation.

Truth is;
I just have to discipline myself again and I have to get out of the comfortzone I am in now (because of the experienced success) and go back to trying new things, like last year!! Even if that means to fail AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I could go on like this and pretend that Im so successfull and just wait paitently until the company grows slowly. But that would be so pathetic!!

You know, the next projects I have in mind are projects I dont know ANYTHING about. I will have to do very uncomfortable things.....

Thats it:

Im just afraid of the uncomfortable, unknown things. More so because Im in such a comfortable place now. Even if I wouldnt do anything and wouldnt work for weeks; my family and friends would accept that because I "deserved" it. Thats a factor too;

Last year everybody thought I was crazy and I had to prove them wrong. Now I dont have to prove anybody wrong... Every excuse of mine is mindlessly acceptet (I just realised this 2 days ago) I cant rely on "prove them wrong"-Drive anymore. I lost my "Enemy", now I have to shift my focus from "the other doubters" to myself. This turned into a fight with myself. It always was, but now its ONLY me vs. myself. As of now, my weak self is winning. But I will be back and then Im going to be ON FIRE AGAIN.

Puuh, that came out of nowhere haha. It clarifies my thoughts to write them down!
Am I alone with these thoughts? Who was in this phase as well?

Last but not least my goals for 2018: (mostly for my future self to know if he is failing or not)

- Opening 3 more locations (1 is already opening)
- Doubling gross income
- Find the ultimate marketing concept
- Get the big machine for full automatisation
- Cover the luxury-sector (this is the uncomfortable part)
- double my salary
- Turn the company independent of the majority of my and my fathers time.

Im curious if I will acomplish them.

I will tell you how far I am in 4-6 months I think.

But now I have to read some of your threads.

I wish you all a nice weekend.

Best regards

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