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Mar 7, 2011
I am currently in the process of researching my own next steps for my new business and in the past week I have found the "Inc" web site

For those struggling for the inspiration of where to start, what to do, will it work, all the info is already !

This website gives you the Top 5000 companies ALREADY proving their success by fulfilling peoples needs and earning coin

A few days working on the Inc site gets you a roadmap of what is working, by companies already delivering

Bullet points what have I learnt the past few days, in the USA

* Fastest-Growing Industries are
1. Travel & Hospitality +201% aggregate growth rate
2. Media +198%
3. Energy +174%

* The fastest-growing States, if I was looking to relocate
1. California 670 companies
2. Texas 425
3. Florida 368

* The Biggest Job Creators
1. Allied Universal 60,000 jobs created
2. AtWork Group 29,854 jobs created
3. Insight Global 16,200 jobs created

* Revenue
1. Prime Therapeutics $4.73bn in revenue
2. Allied Universal $3.43bn in revenue
3. Carahsoft Technology $3.43bn in revenue

Being from the UK, I can see what is working well in the USA, I have been asking myself if it works in the USA would it work in the UK. I remember being wowed by Chipolte in USA in the mid-2000s and its fresh, food fast and nothing similar like this existed in the UK

* I have a list of over x20 USA companies with little to no presence in the UK - is their scope to offer to promote their product to the UK market?

* I have learnt of Halo Top Creamery ice cream draw in revenue of $49 million in 2016, up almost +21,000% over a three-year period. A similar mainstream product doesn't exist in the UK (as yet!)

* I have found a simple spray to mask poo smells called poo-pouri turning over $45 million
Is there a similar product in the UK? only EVERY human in the UK defecates daily

* A custom-made sportswear company with just 5 employees, turning over $3 million. Their niche is bespoke customisation. Firms, schools, alumni,

* I read of a kiosk-based company, that will clone ANY key called minutekey turning over $36million, yet there is no vending solution similar in the UK

* A franchise based model called paintnite offering a night of painting across the states,
2016 Revenue $65million. Taking a 30% cut from every event from every franchisee across the states. Is there anything similar in the UK like this ? or can this same model be spun onto another event like the traditional pub quiz?

* A small firm of just 7 employees run Cedarcraft taking in $17million supplying raised planters/garden beds/potting tables. Is this need fulfilled in the UK? Is it done badly? who are the biggest players and what are their turnover? Not the sexiest business of all time but £17 million a year turn over would sure be sweet

* Another small company with fewer than ten employees turning over $5 million offering premium Brazilian hair extensions to the market

............................I could go on with pages of examples I have noted and listed

For those in the USA, try looking at the EU listing for and look what is doing well in UK and not yet in the USA

Remeber these are businesses ALREADY delivering what people want

They have done the donkey work and tried and failed already.

People have voted with their wallets and purses they are doing something right because they have bought what they have on offer.

* Whilst I am not saying directly steal their idea, USP, web page design. But you can see what works for those already delivery. However, from researching, I see a totally beautiful web page and flow for a website life pfcandleco I would happily borrow its style and set up to my own

* I have found several petsupply companies turning over several million annually that have made a massive following via social media presence. I have learned they have built a good deal of loyalty by the number of their followers in the six figures

There is so much more I could write about the valuable information and data you can find but hopefully by now, you get the idea what I am trying to say

Look at those already executing and fulfiling needs.

This is where the people are spending their cash most otherwise they wouldn't be on the Inc list

I hope it helps those struggling for the inspiration of what to do or what to start

This is the current list of Top 5000 USA companies

The Complete Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies of 2017

This is the current list of Top 5000 European companies

The 2018 Inc. 5000 Europe List |

With the offer of 10,000 live examples above of companies ALREADY executing and proving value to their customers, if you cant find something to try at I think the Fastlane is not for you
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Mar 29, 2018
A lot of these companies could be localised if it’s not available in ur country right now. I know there are lots of non US / Europe folk here.

One of the companies mentioned in the Inc 5000, Small Business Association Of America. That seems like the perfect "shovel" selling company that can be localized

Is the startup scene heating up in your country?

Start-ups need
  • Cash - lots of it, financing needs to get creative.
  • Incorporation
  • Pitch decks
  • Coaching
Sounds like a good opportunity to sell shovels to all those doing the tech startup gold rush :D
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