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Jul 8, 2017
Northeast Ohio
Thought my experience of this morning could add value to your entrepreneurial Fastlane endeavor.

Things are busy for me right now. A lot going on. Woke up this morning tired with a headache. Went over all of my "reasons why" but still no motivation to get rolling for the day.

By sheer will power, I got started. Not because I was excited to get started.

I think there's a book by Jon Acuff called START! I'm not sure of the exact contents of the book, but I just chose to follow the advice of the title.

I'm going to be tired and have a headache today regardless, so why not be tired and have a headache while making progress instead of being tired with a headache while not making progress?

Sometimes you've got to choose between two options, neither of which are particularly exciting.

In my experience, this is where success is made or thrown out the window. Fastlane wise, I'm still a novice. However, I've found the above to be true regarding my athletic success. Based on MJ's books and what others are posting on this forum, I think it's safe to say it applies to entrepreneurship. Anybody can work and make progress when you feel excited and motivated. Unfortunately you're not going to be excited and motivated 100% of the time.

Hope this adds a touch of value to your entrepreneurial endeavor.

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