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Shifting Focus From Money To Providing Value: A Personal Challenge

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Jun 22, 2020

A few threads stuck with me for the past few days. It's hard to oversee that a lot of people struggle a) with ideas and b) the attachment to money. It's things I struggle with, too. Not with ideas. I got plenty of those. But are they the right ones? Someone here posted (and that is very true, according to the Sapir-Worf hypothesis, even vice versa) that the language we use is the direct reflection of the mindset we have. He pointed out the constant use of "I", for example.

One can understand why so many people obsess over money instead of providing value. Money doesn't necessarily follow value provided. A good example would be raising kids: One could, of course, argue about overpopulation (and I would), but to be stable (and given the current system of distribution, the classic "pyramid" shape of age distribution is optimal), a population has to reproduce at a rate of 2,1-2,2 children/woman. As we all know, raising kids is a costly endeavor and also takes up a lot of your time. Since your kids are not very likely to become workers on your farm, but will hopefully contribute to the GDP, you are providing value to the general public. So you'll not likely benefit from having kids in terms of money, although you are providing value to the public and to your children (hopefully).

Especially people who can't be complacent with their financial situation because every piece of mail could break their spine attach themselves to money. And that is perfectly normal and understandable. For someone who has to count the money in his pocket at the end of his month to buy lentils, money is quite a nagging issue.

But it isn't very helpful, just like a panic attack rarely is. Except when you meet a boar in the woods. Run. Climb. Fast.

I'm taking a business class for three weeks. It's a very wild combination of people attending. Georgian language teacher, tattoo artist, Instagram influencer, horse coach... This is a great opportunity to find out about the needs of others in their business and how to provide value to them. What are their problems? What are they struggling with? What are common questions?

Also, I want to shift my focus away from myself and my needs in all areas of my life to the perspective of others. How can I provide value in my personal relationships? Or even to the general public?

For three weeks, every day, I'll come up with 10 ideas to provide value to others and document them here. That will include everything from business ideas to personal life. Remember: It's not about the money. It is about the value you can provide.

Feel welcome to join me!

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Jun 22, 2020
Yesterday I came up with:

1. There is no course on video game sound design on Udemy yet
2. A tool for calculating the costs of a tattoo - I've been told that it's hard for tattoo artists to estimate the time they'll need
3. Sourcing for tattoo colors which fulfill the German standards and laws (there has been new legislation)
4. Open a car pooling group from city A to city B on Facebook - A train derailed and now normal traffic between these cities will take a while.
5. Give books to the animal shelter - they regularly hold a flea market to cover costs and they just lie around
6. Teach kids Unity during summer holidays
7. Tutorials on YouTube on classic sound design (the old days from the 6581 chip onwards)
8. My roommate is afraid to go into his old flat - accompany him
9. Comprehensive guides for people with a large following on how to monetize it - one girl in the business course has 48k followers, but so far has only done a few marketing shoutouts, while there are so many other things she could sell that actually are valuable - with no cost upfront.
10. Create AR and VR apps which offer exposure therapy for phobias


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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Silent clicking mouse (been done)
Freeze proof battery case for snowboarding for GoPro (mine has a short lifespan in the cold)
Cheaper electric boards (Boosted boards are to expensive)
Custom masks
Portable chargers for phone / handheld game stuff (been done)
Portable desks for traveling (something you could fold out from a carry on bag)


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Jun 1, 2019
How about
a tool for creating tools for calculating the costs of anything
a guide for building your own tool for calculating the costs of a tattoo
new tools for tattoos
meetups groups devoted to tattoos for people unfamiliar with tattoos
marketing tools for the tattoo-related vertical
a new play or musical devoted to tattoos
a line of tattoos related to ethical values / quotes / politicians / artists
a journal devoted to tattoos
conduct a survey about tattoos
import chemicals for producing tattoos
software that picks the best tattoo colors based on your photo and body chemistry
a guide for tattoo artists on taxes and potential lawsuits
a union for tatoo artists lobbying their rights including access to health insurance
classes to become a certified tattoo artist
a plugin for a dating app to only match with people who have tattoos


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Jun 1, 2019
give books to the animal shelter
organize volunteers to collect books and bring to the animal shelter
make a website so people could mail in books to the animal shelter
find a website that will post free advertisement for the opportunity to give books to an animal shelter
a catalog of all local shelters that accept books
a plugin for a shelter to quickly add button to its website that it accepts books
a nice button for people's personal websites where they can put a photo of their own pet and link to their favorite shelter, where, yes, people can donate a book
conduct a survey of animal shelters as to what they really need
conduct a survey as to why more people aren't giving more books to animal shelters
speak to your local politicians about support for animal shelters
find journalists to do an article on local animal shelters
connect animal shelters with people who need an internship / temp employment, particularly during covid, so people do at least something instead of staying at home
make an exciting movie about animal shelters
organize a lottery to encourage people to give books to a shelter (e.g. you can win a goldfish, than you have to adopt it)
install a special dropoff mailbox on your property where people can drop off books that you can send to the animal shelter
start your own animal shelter
start a franchise of animal shelters
sell book donation boxes to animal shelters
sell marketing services to animal shelters helping them email their subscribers and ask for books to donate

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