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INTRO Scott Smith - The New Guy

Scott Smith

New Contributor
Jul 16, 2019
Hey! I am Scott Smith. I am excited to be part of this. I have been wealthy many times.. and broke many times. (Major successes at Age 21 in Stocks & Stock Promoting, Age 43 in owning 123 ATMs in Manhattan , Age 51 in owning an Island resort in Belize). I have learned a lot on the way up. I have learned even more on the way down.( I put everything i had into my a 200 acre island resort I bought and built myself in Belize from the age of 40 to 55 ... then i lost it all ... to the guy I hired. He lawsuited me into the ground with lies, to take it over ($$$)). Very clearly I don’t know everything I need to know and I have a lot more to learn. I have a lot of what it takes to make it, and some serious areas to fix. (Its what you don’t know that you don’t know that kills you) This is the first group i have EVER joined. That I didn’t run. I am the student here.
I am amazed at how accurate MJ DeMarco’s facts and feelings are to how it really is. I love his books I just got them and have read multiple times... which should really be called Reference Materials. “Books” is too simple of a designation.
I am excited to learn, and help in any way if I can. I have experience from both successes and from huge failure.

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome Scott, appreciate the introduction.

Sad to hear you are starting over. Sounds like there's quite a backstory you have!

Scott Smith

New Contributor
Jul 16, 2019
A new business idea for anyone who wants to run with it. A free phone service business. Take it and run. Bye bye 500 dollars a year phone service plans!

I got the idea... when i was in Belize for 6 months .. came home. Kept using my phone to call all my clients and friends on WhatsApp. Kept sitting at starbucks and doing internet searches ,and had WiFi everywhere .... then I realized ... my phone service was off.. auto pay didn’t work while i was gone ... soo here i was using my Samsung phone for months and no phone bill..

It is not an “if” it is a “when” phone service is free... (any you will make millions with paid advertising .. or 7 dollars a month for n advertising .. sound familiar ?)

The idea wish to present to anyone who wants. It and wants to run with it is... a free phone service ... this will disrupt the major players like ATT and Verison and Sprint .... but this is going to happen sooner or later (I ran three stockbroker firms in the 80’s and they thought they were going to last forever with commissions as high as 500 a trade.. then trades at ETrade came along ... and they were all out of a job .. they went into home mortgages and made a fortune .. but i digress)

I wish to be of value to the Forum. I believe it is a very important tool to help people.
I focus on my definite chief aim, but am constantly presented with multi-million business ideas due to my travels. And my friends around the world.

Here is one of hundreds that i would like to share with the Forum. I want nothing. I. Am rebuilding my company which will take all. My focus for the. Next 18 months to get it strong.

“Focus on one thing. Win. Focus on multiple things. lose”

I hope this helps someone .. or the Fastlane forum can start this business ... use the 40,000 people they know as “influencers” and next thing you know ... people are using “the Fastlane phone service” as their free phone service provider” I have 100s of these ... but i am sitting at Starbucks right now .. and using my could be free “google whatapp” phone every day ... knowing I really don’t need to pay over 500 a year ... and someday .. no one will ...

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