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Power of now by eckhart tolle

Brian Suh

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May 19, 2018
Some people absolutely love it and some hate it. I remember first reading it in college and LOVED it. But then again life was pretty awesome then. When my life went to shit due to bad behaviors I re read the book and just sat on my a$$ meditating. Now that I took massive action to fix my situation and go towards my goals I feel great again. I feel like a “somebody”. It feels good. Before I felt pathetic and weak. That’s because I was. But the power of now states that you should feel happy just being you....hmm....

Am I just reading this wrong? The irony is that I feel more alive than ever. But that’s because I’m taking risks and actions NOT by being still. What are your thoughts? Is eckhart really just a salesman behind all that meek image haha

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Apr 28, 2017
Eastern Europe
I found Eckhart's work helpful, especially in the way he views time.

For him, the only time that exists is NOW.

Typically, we are taught to view time as a continuum that goes from past, through the present and onto the future.

We view time spatially, as if time was a river that flows from point A to point B.

Eckhart's point is that this view of time is wrong. Time is not a river, rather time is the eternal moment.

This eternal moment CONTAINS within itself what we call the past, and what we call the future. Everything already is here and now.

Thus, what we call "the past" represents the signposts we ought to use to better orient ourselves in the present. If instead we fall in the trap of staying still staring at those sign posts as if we could change them, we miss the opportunity of learning from the past. By hanging onto the past, we destroy the present and the future.

Likewise, by projecting the past onto the future we create a false image that, paradoxically, ends up controlling our present and future.

Freedom is found in the NOW, in the realisation that we have POWER in how we use the elements that exist in the NOW that we call "past", and how we orient ourselves towards the elements that exist in the present that we call "future".

A good read on this topic: The Ending Of Time by J. Krishnamurti
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Dec 3, 2019
I'll give it a shot.
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