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New member from Australia


Bronze Contributor
Aug 4, 2007
Hi everyone :)

I'm glad there are many names on here that I recognise ;-)

I'm a 28 year old entrepreneur from Australia. I am currently opening a chain of my own convenience stores, and will finish an MBA in three months.

I look forward to meeting all of you in future threads!

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Fastane Legend. RIP.
Aug 2, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Welcome Daniel. :)


Aug 7, 2007
Hi everyone, I am another new guy from Sydeny.I found this website from RichDad and found MJ from his post of setting up story. Since you know, I am desprated and really need motivation to look for my turning point in my life to get out of this bloody cross of the road.

I graduated with 2 masters, one of which was IT and another one was technological management. Like the guy (nickname called "Shengpeng...",hoping i didnt make it up...:) ) asked MJ to post his story, I had been sick of programming, though I did enjoy it whild doing Bachelor degree, since being doing Master degree in UNSW... That was the nightmare...

After finishing the second degree which definitely would not help me in looking for the good job, I continued doing the casual job in a privated owned shop where I started the part-time job since I was a full-time student. At that stage, I was not quite sure which kind of industry I was interested and even I would know the direction I wanted go I had been wondering was I able to be employed. That's the main reason I started looking for job until beginning of 2007 which was 15 monthes later than my graduation. At that time, my collages have had their nice offers of graduation programs.

Fortunately, I got a "nice job: logistic data entry" after beeing hunting for 2 months and thought it would be the nice beginning of my career, at least the company is world-wide...My dream did not last so long that I can take a breath and start plan a new life with my was 2 and half month later I was told by the job agent that the job in that company had been finished by that day. I have been working so hard because I really want this safe & secure job and I thought this kind of temp - permenant job (advertised like that) could really turn to the permenant...I felt like I was the rubish...dumped rubish with two Master degrees...

Now I am strugling at finding new direction in my life... I hate sending resumes and waiting for interview calls because I find I am not good at showing myself at all and most of job agents dont really care about my education background since I dont do any programming at all...

Like the "cardboard noodle budget", I just can only afford 15 weeks rent...I gotta figure something out. I was thinking selling something on eBay because it needs the lowest cost compared to the real retail store...but the problem is would it be too late to start at eBay since already a lot of people have started around 2003 not to mention even earlier birds...(i am not sure when it became popular in australia since i have been here only for 3 years)...Another question is that what do internet people really need from eBay?

That was only one option I just have got, and I am now looking around RichDad and MJ's website to see if I can get any fresh idea...or someone read my post can help me out?


Aug 7, 2007
Sorry guys, I didnt realize my post is so long...I just felt I want to say something which I have been holding for a long time since I was dumped... by the bloody job agent...


Gold Contributor
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Summit Attendee
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Jul 27, 2007
Washington DC
don't worry about that... that's what the forum is for... we here try to support each other and keep growing.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I think the problem (or at least part of it) is that you were trained to be an IT Manager. Problem is, that is usually not an entry position.

Try to not desperate yet.

As an advice, do not just send resumes to many places. Try to find a professional networking group in your area and start networking. Talk to people. Sending a resume with nobody inside is like a cold-call sales attempt. They may work, but is a long shot. If you spend some time meeting people in the industry then you can get a better rate of success.

And do not worry about the length of the post.

Welcome to the forums!!!!
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Aug 7, 2007
Hi andviv,

Thank you very much for your kind advice.

I have made my decision to start at Australian stock market, hopefully to get the little ball come bigger and then move to sell imports at eBay...which is my short-term plan...

In a word...the purpose of my short-term is to make money from my limited resources, which, I know is obviously opposite to MJ's suggestion.

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