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My story thus far...

Bryan James

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Jul 1, 2018
Texas, USA
Hi everybody. I'm in my late 20s and my story with entrepreneurship began as a child when I would price and sell my VHS tapes as a kid in the '90s to my mother's friends (she was a nurse). I dropped out of school for a plethora of reasons and later found some success on Ebay when I was around 21 or 22. My girlfriend and I started a jewelry business and would profit tens of thousands a year, which to me was an enormous amount of money. We would purchase from China and sell to the US for a bigger price, marketing the items as replicas of a certain necklace from a certain TV show (which was true). After we broke up, I got into spirituality and the science of consciousness and would often meditate for hours and hours every day. I eventually stopped caring about anything going on in the world, and in current events and even in money. And I felt happiness and satisfaction beyond anything I've ever felt in my life. Randomly, while living life, great bursts of indescribable joy and contentment would arise purely of its own accord, for seemingly no reason. Now that I've started to make more money with little "side-hustle"-type gigs, I have this idea of starting to do something that used to terrify me: sell people my experienced-gained knowledge I acquired when I was somewhat of a non-religious "monk" (I considered God to be beyond the conceptual or definable; more like "the Universe") in the form of books or courses or speaking conventions. The reason this idea rubbed me the wrong way when I was going through this period of deep self-reflection and spiritual (not religious) development, was because I felt it to be hypocritical of me to sell people on ways that I truly believe can greatly benefit others for money. But then, I found myself needing money to the same proportion that I believe others needed the insight I believe I have to offer. Is this a good idea? Or is it wrong of me to try and make money by giving spiritual advice and insights? I know how sleazy it might sound to try and monetize something so deeply personal and controversial in this world. Please send me your feedback; I'm tough so please be totally honest, I can take it and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Also, I would love to thank MJ for all of his insight, work, and transparency.
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Feb 8, 2018
Houston, TX
I'm pretty much still a newbie here, and I wouldn't consider myself a person with strong religious (or spiritual) convictions either, but I'll take a stab at it.

Sounds like more of a struggle with your own personal convictions than anything else, to the point that it's affecting your self-image. Do you believe that all people who charge for "spiritual" guidance or information are automatically "sleezy"? It's quite the generalization, but if you feel that strongly about the matter, that's fine. If that's the case, and you don't imagine yourself changing your mind on this matter at any point, then I'd say no, because if you're having trouble sleeping at night over the issue, then how the heck would you have the energy and motivation to turn this into a successful venture?

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