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INTRO Lots to offer, tired of the slow lane

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Mar 1, 2018
sacramento, ca
I believe I can help people. In fact, that's been the driving force in my life, only I've been doing it in someone else's company. I want to help people and reap the rewards myself and stop begging for 1% raises every year.

I don't know exactly how. I read TMF and just got Unscripted today. I spent yesterday and today reading the forums here and I'm blown away.

I'm going to start with some Upwork stuff to prove that I can do it. Then I'm going to see where my research on this forum takes me. I though about flipping stuff on CL/etc. but that doesn't feel like helping. Automating business via VBA scrips in Excel is more my speed, but worried that won't be as easy to make it a Fast Lane endeavor.

Open to exploring and making this rock, and helping as many people as I can in the process.

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Nov 20, 2017
Welcome to the forum. I'm kind of new here myself. It sounds like you are all about bringing value and not chasing money which is a good thing. Just try not to get caught up in analysis paralysis. Pick something to do, commit to it, take action. Give it your max effort. If that doesn't work try something else. But try not to dabble in a bunch of things looking for that one great fit or idea. You won't know until you try.

I hope to see some threads about your progress.

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