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New Contributor
Sep 16, 2017
Hello dear community,

My name is Pierre, I am 26, I have two nationalities. One is french, one is Polish. Nowadays, I live in Germany. Actually, I live in Berlin, also known as the silicone valley of Europe. Which is kinda true because we have a lot of startups.

I have been registered here for a few months without being active. Actually, after reeding MJ's book, I decided to register here. However, my crazy job as a head hunter made it impossible for me to be active. Now that I got fired, so let's talk :)

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, ever since my mom remaried with an entrepreneur. However he had ups and downs and the last few years, he tried several things that did not work in the end. Then, I was a bit sceptical about being an entrepreneur because of the risks involved.

After a few years trying different jobs, I realized that I was never happy and I stagnated. Then I was coached by a friend whom I told that my big dream is to become financially free. He made me wake up to the fact that this is less likely to become true by being an employee. Since then, I tried to become a freelancer in export consulting. I did not succeed because I guess that I was not that convincing. Finally, a Polish producer of cleaning products made me start its french website and we started selling a bit. Not enough to make a living. Plus it always interfered with my professional life.

Before I got fired, I started to look for opportunities outside of my job. I met a guy who wants to sell products and services related to day trading and cryptocurrencies. He would be down for working with me. And I also met an insurance company giving the opportunity to start a trainee program. They work on commission and the whole thing would take me around 10 hours per week.

Right now I still feel burned out from my previous job. I have a lot of doubts. I think about taking a job that does not make me as tired as the one I just left in order to refocus on opportunities and being able to work on them.

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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Welcome aboard Pierre!


Bronze Contributor
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Jun 6, 2017
Ontario, Canada
One thing at a time.

I've been fired a few times before too. Don't let it consume you, let it fuel you to work hard toward the next thing (assuming you're going in a sensible direction).

There's plenty of great information here, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the forum.


New Contributor
Sep 16, 2017

Thanks for the replies guys.

I have been thinking about all that the last few days.

I also checked my situation with the German agency for unemployment. I will get money for nothing for at least 6 months which is good news. Moreover, I am allowed to become a freelancer and still get unemployment money. Of course this is regulated, so I basically have to work 15 hours a week tops on my freelancing stuff.

So the whole thing looks good. In a burst of lucidity I realized that I might start by translating stuff. My export consulting idea is good but I guess I have too little experience and kowledge about that. So I decided to do what I do best : offering to translate websites and other media. Plus I did that before, only I was too stupid and I did that for free. At least I have references.

This business model does not look very scalable at first sight but it is possible to upsell more complex consulting. The other possibility is to scale up by hiring other freelancers to do the jobs. Upselling could contain conflict management with suppliers, community management or searching for business partners in countries in which I can clearly communicate. But I would focus on a business savvy translation first.

These days of reflecting are a bit of a relief because all that seems to be close to my core competences and does not jeopardize my situation. I translated so much stuff in the past without getting paid in the past and people always like to ask me for that service. I realize that this is my core strenght. It is so evident but I could not see it for a long time.

All I have to do know is to get my legal situation straight and do some prospecting. This makes me even a bit psyched.

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New Contributor
Jun 15, 2018
I have no knowledge in the categories you want to pursue, but I will tell you this.
At first, you will fail. You will reach roadblocks during your career that make you want to quit. Every successful person does.
But if you take the lessons learned, and turn them around into fuel for the future, you will succeed. At anything you pursue.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll learn to invite failure because in fact, these are where the greatest lessons are learned.

Don’t think too much in getting the perfect business plan created, just start, and the rest falls into place. Good luck

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