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Just read UNS / TMF, turning a castle Fastlane?

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Apr 15, 2021
Disclaimer: I appreciate my privileged position and am quite happy to be here. I just finished reading fastLane and unscripted. I’m 17 and My grandad after running a “fastLane” business bought a castle in wales. A decade and a bit have passed and now one of the family members has to take over the mantle of running the operation. They are land rich but cash poor and It costs a lot to run a castle for example it takes literal days a month to mow the grass, the gardening is tough as there are several hundred acres of land and Almost half the castle is derelict and needs renovation. it takes constant work and money to maintain it. At the moment the garden is open to the public but it hasn’t been properly used to its full potential. I have quite a few options I could .A. Make a fastLane business .B. Monetise the castle itself there a lot of ways to do it like starting a cafe , archery, canoeing, camping, festivals, making to into a hotel\ casino, having party’s, maybe make a YouTube channel there a few with similar premises the issue is I don’t think this would be a fastLane business or .C. Sell the place

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
A castle in Wales?? How exciting? Any pictures?

Welcome aboard.


Dog Dad
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Aug 28, 2011
No idea what you should do but I'd love to stay there. Would be a cool getaway for after this COVID stuff ends.

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