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Jordan Peterson - Self Authoring Course

Anything related to matters of the mind


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Dec 19, 2017
Just wondering if anyone here has gone through this course yet?
I'm planning on doing it this week.

Dr Jordan Peterson is one of those very rare genius level guys who gives really good advise. He's a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. He's been on the Joe Rogan podcast and just a smart guy.

He made a course for people who aren't 100% sure what their next turn in life is.
It sounds like this course first has you go through your childhood up to present day in detail to uncover issues you haven't dealt with and sort them out. It then has you create a 3-5 year ideal life in the future and plan out getting there.

Personally, I make really good money, but I'm looking at what direction to go next and want to aim perfect before I launch. This seems like a good method to help think things through.

If anyone has gone through it, please let me know.

Self Authoring - Plan a Better Life

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Mar 24, 2014
A buddy of mine gifted it to me.

I'm only part way through the Past Authoring section but it's some pretty powerful stuff. Gets you to dig deep into the psyche. Drudging up experiences that are otherwise mostly forgotten to see how they influence you.

It's only about $30 so the cost shouldn't be the question. It's a BIG time commitment so that's what you need to be ready for. I'm not even half way through Past Authoring and it's probably already 10 hours worth of writing.

I like to do it at night after working each day. Clears the head. Gets the mind out of the daily micro-focus and gets you reflecting on a macro level. Kinda meditative.


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Dec 2, 2017
I bought it last August and so far I've done big parts of Past and Future. I haven't finished it yet because I've discovered I need more time than I thought.
I think that it is really powerfull tool. Not easy one, but definitely helpful.


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Jul 29, 2013
Dallas, TX
I like Jordan Peterson a lot. He's insanely inquisitive and curious.

Have you seen his Patreon account? He's fairly fastlane too.

And his ticket to the fastlane came around much later in life.

He's 55 years old, and came into the mainstream spotlight just a few years ago (I believe).

Many of us can learn a lot from Mr. Peterson.

I also love it when entrepreneurs charge a reasonable fee for online courses, and then deliver a ton of value. This shows that you're genuinely interested in helping people, while also helping yourself in the process.

(I have nothing against high-end courses by the way, as long as they provide lots of value.)

I'll definitely be taking his course.
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Went through it before, half-assed. Was especially helpful in making sense of the past.

Nearly a year later, full-on. Past Authoring finished today at ~13k words.
Learned a lot but holy @&#! it's a lot of writing.

Not even on present or future yet, but excited to get started.


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Feb 9, 2016
Edmonton, AB
Where I think future authoring stands out:
It not only gets you to lay out your "heaven" (what your life could be), but he also gets you to lay out your personal "hell". He plays a lot on the idea that our lives are a battle of good and evil.

You not only imagine the "good" - what you want and how you can get there (a lot of programs do this), but to recognize the evil(flaws) in yourself as well, then imagine how your life could become hell (in great detail) by letting the evil in you overpower the good.

So you're not just striving for your goals/dreams but acting in a manner that prevents you from your personal hell, which you understand in great detail.

I think this has helped me personally - the decision to not follow my bad habits used to be just "deferring" my goals. "Yeah I'll just be lazy today, what is one day? I'll start monday." Now I think of decisions as moving either toward my personal heaven or a hell.


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Nov 7, 2017
Sydney Australia
I completed his self-authoring course 3 years ago when I was broke, working a drone office job I hated and had no meaning in my life.
I've since completed it 2 more times since then and every time I go back to re-do it, I see the work I had done in the journal from the last time. It's insane how many goals I would set that I had almost forgotten about but then I went on to achieve them in the year following the journaling.
The first journal I wrote that I wanted to start a business that would allow me to travel to south america, learn Spanish, learn to dance and be able to earn enough to live the digital nomad lifestyle. A year later I had done this, moved to Colombia and was making $2-3k/month freelancing (not much but enough to achieve my future-authoring goals).

I think the value in the program is that it gets down deep into your psychie and implants these visions and goals. You then work and work towards them and develop a sense of meaning towards achieving them. It definitely got me out of a shitty situation.

For reference, I've now built the freelancing into an agency that's doing $30k MRR and it's still 100% remote.

If anyone reading this is in that stage where you want to get out of your current situation and you want to be an entrepreneur, the $10 (or whatever the cost is) for the program is worth millions in my opinion. You still need to put in the work, but for me, it got me out of the day-to-day mindset and helped me think long-term and make the short-term sacrifices to get there. I still had to work my a$$ off and it sucked but I wouldn't have pushed through it without that deep sense of meaning that the future-authoring program provided me.

2019 was an insane year for my biz and 2020 is going to be even bigger. I'm shooting for $100k MRR and I 100% know I'm going to achieve this.

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