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If you are worried about YOUR PRIVACY or posting a picture on social media - READ THIS

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Dec 31, 2015
I can hear people saying here and there they will not post their photos on FB because of their privacy. Or somewhere else.

While I understand their concern, and also understand that sometimes it matters (you can hear stories about law enforcement being successful because of finding someone on social media - to me it's probably 0.00001% when they are). Anyway.


Talking on your phone? Call recorded and stored by the telecom provider but also intercepted by the NSA servers and stored indefinitely.

Taking photos with your phone. Photos stored in a 'private' server being accessed by intelligence (NSA? Whatever you call it).

Moving with your phone? Location stored by the antennae, logged by the telecoms and saved on servers.

Having a microphone in your phone? Same.

A camera? Same.

Everything everywhere.

Writing something on the internet. Your writing style is unique and saved and stored.

Translation from one language to another - the most common and obvious mistakes. Stored.

By the way we are not that different one from another.

The only weak point of intelligence is that they are undermanned and flooded with data... But the so called 'terrorist attacks' cannot happen. They are just basically sponsored and incited, conducted by intelligence agencies. One way or another.

Anyway, if I have gone too far with this 'conspiracy theory' talk. I wanted to do that on purpose. So sorry if I have gone too far.

There is a bright side of it.


We are closer to each other today, than ever before (@ChrisV thanks again - NOTABLE! - Required viewing: Why creating value is a *moral* imperative - Jonathan Haidt on the power of Capitalism).

I should have written "We can be closer to each other today, than ever before". Why only 'can'? Because I think we don't use the tools we are given and 100% of their power. We are worried and afraid of sharing. But by looking at the above. The Deep State already knows everything about US (me and you, not the United States). Some unknown people hold more knowledge about you and me, than you family, closest relatives, best friends. They don't know the most intimate things about you and the Deep State do.

This is what will change. We will start using these tools to be closer, really, on a deeper level, not only more frequently closer. Monthly, more meaningful and deep conversations instead of daily emails, whatsapp chats.

Does it make sense to you?

I have a friend (s) who I didn't see for a long long time and we are in touch through whatsapp but it's never the same as seeing him physically. Even video calls work, but he is in a country that block communication (really wealthy country but retarded...). So he said to me "You know what I liked about our last meeting. That we could start talking as if we had stopped yesterday" - and it was after a hmm 2-3 year period we hadn't seen each other...

Do you have people like that in your life? Do you tell frequently your family and friends that you love them and talk to them about your fears and worries and troubles? Do you have people that are really close to you, who touch your soul?

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Nov 19, 2019
A cornfield in the Midwest
I could be wrong, but I think that when people talk about privacy in that context, they're really talking more about security--they don't want whackadoodle internet trolls to figure out where they live or image search a picture of their kid and find out where he goes to school (both things that people I know have experienced).

I'm pretty cavalier about information online because all of my various careers (attorney, teacher, writer, marketing consultant) have involved a degree of interfacing with the public and I was used to that and comfortable with it before there was an internet. But, sometimes it does backfire.

Minor, sort-of-humorous-now-that-it-passed-harmlessly example: Years ago a photo of my daughter and a friend of hers at the local water park that I'd posted on my personal blog became the number one image search result for "waterslide bikini". They were 12.

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