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INTRO I started Unscripted and action-faked like crazy until....

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May 20, 2020
I realized a lot about myself. I had a F*ck you moment with ME. I am 27 years old and I got caught red-handed living my life the exact way I have been preaching against for years.

a F*cking fraud.


I was reading the book.. and for the first time in awhile my beliefs about the system were validated and I bought the "I F*ckING FOUND IT" ticket and I took it straight to heart. Was I ready to internalize the rest of this book at this moment?
I have been brooding with entrepreneurial dreams for years with little to no action beyond massive amounts of research. <--- (nom nom nom)

So "I found it"... Did I bother keep reading it? yes... but not until after I quit my 2nd year of software engineering school, broke up with my girlfriend, announced my "I can do it" bullshit on twitter and then a few hours later picked up the book again. Yes I did all of that in the span of a few hours and my family and friends thought I was on drugs.

So by now I am feeling mighty proud and strong and ready to accept my riches, until

the book literally started describing what I had just done. and it all came crashing down on me as I feverishly reread the few pages and WTF.

I am a fraud! I have done nothing but consume for years. Sure I have mastered some key jobs and have done quite well for someone who has avoided the system(no university, sticking with jobs, no credit-cards) but I realized my ego blinded me from the truth. I want the easy way.. I have always bought and paid and did what it took for the easy way. I consumed to produce, I consumed to cope, I consumed to explore. I was 99% consumer. 1% producer.

This moment of realization was 3 weeks ago. I decided right then and there that there was nothing that could stop me from polarizing my entire existence. I decided to turn these action-fakes as my launch pad.

I originally started the software engineering school to learn to code, since It seemed to be the most valuable tool to learn to start a business. Now this was 1.5 years ago and the crazy amount of reliance on getting a job this school pushes on-top of other happy shit and I realized leaving was a great idea. I was "consciously" ready to apply for jobs before quitting and my original goals were long behind me before this book.

So as I read I realized let me set everything down and just think.( my new mandatory habit).. I realized this is hard and it will be for some-time but also that I was ready.

SO I focused on my daily actions. I have been following the advice in the book while re establishing a true sense of awareness of self. My awareness externally has been great but my self-indulgence lead to total and pure delusion. The book is right it is not easy...

But I already am having mini "echos"

In 3 weeks. I have continuously decided to continue mini steps of action and here is what I have done:

I found an old friend who was taking advantage of gyms being closed down during COVID... He was made 120k reselling weights like a mad man. I helped walk him through a conversation that lead to a realization he needs a supplier. (Value was giving him his time back, less stress driving and finding supply, when everything bounces back what would he have left). So he agreed to let me find him a supplier for a percentage of what I would save him beyond a price he thought was fair. (easy)

I knew nothing about suppliers and manufacturing steel or cast iron fitness equipment. (Action-fake?)

But I called every company with the name steel in it and used each tid-bit of info to find out what I could do...
Success happened though a few days later. I was able to find him a supplier at a price that was profitable and under the amount he requested. So I made roughly $1500, and will continue to make a profit on any orders from this point forward..great??

Not really... He wasn't ready to do the same and actually commit to real change. He made an order but continued to buy weights from local's right before everyone opened back up. I imagine he lost a significant portion of his profits.. But I learned a-lot.

I listened more.. I tried to observe and learn how this guy was making money. I knew it had it's red flags but my mission was accomplished. I was searching for something new and experimenting with creating value.


I realized that yes things are hard, But also YES I can make things happen. It is possible and always has been, I have just been sitting and eating successful stories instead.

I am actually saving my latest actions for my thread. I am in the process of creating a software agency.. (I have access to 100+ developers thanks to a partnership I landed today) and I believe I can figure out a way to build a sustainable system. The thread will be started after the completion of the book and will probably be monthly updates. I have a lot to do... but I am willing to do it.

My why:

I would rather die then wake up again starving and realize all I did was eat.

for years...

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