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I need your advice

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New Contributor
Mar 26, 2020
My name ist anton i am a 20 year old from germany and i am currently in a strugling situation in my life and i would love to learn from your advice.
Let me tell yoy my story real quick.
When i left school i wanted the worst job i could find to help me grow strong from the joke that is our education program.
So i became a cook in the best Restaurant in town. After a year i got really sick because of allergies but made good friends with the chef.
This year he started a new company and asked me to be his assistent and help him build his new business consisting of many restaurants and cantinas, an online shop, caterings and many other projekts.
I worked 60-80 hours a week on that business and learned some really usefull business skills i thoughtmyself (online marketing, managing employes and everything that comes with building a business) while gaining an Entrepreneurial mindset.
I did all that for practically no money since i enjoyed the callenge ( i make 500 bugs a month for those 60-80 hours a week).
But we never installed real goals or systems in the business. So now the days of me my chef and colleges in leadership consist of correting mistakes and problems that the business throws at you for 10 hours a day. Then we work 2-4 hours more trying to move the business forward which doesnt work at all since everybody is always distracted.
I get about 50 emails and 30 calls a day while i try to fix short term problems and its just killing me. I get screamed at all the time for shit i didnt do, either i didnt even know what i had to do since nobody ever told me or i just get 20 hours of work for one day and get told to deal with it.
I really enjoyed the last year. I learned and worked a lot and it shaped me very positivly. But for one year the business is just standing still and we all work all day trying to pay the debts without ever being able to build something long term.
Im doing an education as an office assistant their but never got thaught anything which is good. All skills i know i taught myself and i did every kind of work imaginable (building Websites, fixing machines, marketing, driving delivery trucks, negotiation etc.)
My education will end in one year, although i never worked the job i am supposed to learn and just build up the businnes.
But now i dont think i cant just spend one year fixing short term problems all day for no money. I think the business will go bankrupt in a few years.
So i think i want to quit. I wake up everyday and just want to die and go back to bed, i have no friends and no time toexcercise or study or spend time with the family. So i wanna move on and go to university and study computer science or engineering while continue to build up my marketing know how and figure out what business i want to start
But i think the motive of quitting shit and never going all through with it will continue throughout my life.
What is your expierience with quitting jobs?,
Do you think i should just gulp down the shit for one more year or get out as fast as possible?
How did these deciosions shape your life?
If you have a simmilar story i would love to hear it and learn how it shaped you.
You can call or text me on +49 15906186920

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May 3, 2014
England UK
Simple answer is if you don't enjoy it, you aren't learning valuable skills from it that you can't get elsewhere, and you are working stupid hours for pennies then walk away. Life it too short and there are too many opportunities available.

ZF Lee

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Jul 27, 2016
But now i dont think i cant just spend one year fixing short term problems all day for no money. I think the business will go bankrupt in a few years.
Wait, what?
I can understand undue work pressure...but doing all that work for NO MONEY?

I did all that for practically no money since i enjoyed the callenge ( i make 500 bugs a month for those 60-80 hours a week).
Nope. 500 bucks is a bad rate, considering your job scope.
Yup, move on, as @RazorCut said.

Either to a more time-reasonable job with better pay (me thinks with your experience you could start asking for low-mid five-figures) or go ahead with college for a STEM subject like engineering (provided you aren't loading up on debt for that)

As long as you find a better alternative that's confirmed (e.g. a better job, a ready college offer, even paying clients for a freelance gig or actual business), it's alright to quit because you have a plan that works, by then.

Quitting without a real plan or purpose? Of course that's when it becomes dangerous...


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Jun 8, 2019
I think the education you do is a Lehre. Right?

So it would be important to finishit to get at least a title, what is important in Germany.

But its possible to change your „master“ and go to a hotel, where you learn something and maybe get your effort payed Or at least honored.

Than go further from the position to have a finished education and try to make your own.


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Feb 8, 2019
It is never wrong to achieve a higher education. Especially when you can make your studies in Germany. Unfortunately in Germany a higher degree means more than the skills you provide. [In my opinion]

But before you can make this step you have to ask yourself what kind of advantages a bachelor or master degree can bring you? What are your plans after the studying? Do you want to earn 70k+/year as a developer or do you need your new academic skills for your own small business/startup? If you want to be supported for your own business by governmental funding programs it is never wrong to have the right degree for example.

You are just about 20 years old so you can take the risk to achieve a higher degree. You could use your time during the studies wisely. Instead of travelling two years around the world you can spend your time to build up your own company. The government doesn't care if you study ten years. I know people who have done this. They just have to pay less than 20k+ back to the government and now they are working as a Lead of X in some fancy IT/Robotics company.

I would recommend you to study and not to listen what other people say about studying. When you have to make your study in the US I wouldn't recommend you this. But if you have the chance to make it in Germany. Definitely do it. At the end you have to decide for your own.

One advice for your future way. Don't listen what people promise you. Always take a look what is truly laying on the table. You are young and people will take advantage of your naivety. Think about it. You have to work 80hrs/week for 500 bucks? I dont think it is even allowed to let your work like this. It sounds like that you are just a normal employee. Not a partner. Give the people a well-sounding title and they will work harder. It is like calling yourself facility Manager.

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