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INTRO Hi, I’m Guidance!

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Dec 2, 2018
Hello everyone,

I’m Guidance (I prefer to remain anonymous) and I’m a recent graduate and software developer. I’ve been a “wantrepreneur” for quite some time. I set out to build the next Facebook in high school, a Q&A website in college, an internship-finding website in college and a Stripe-analytics application in college. 2 of them were left incomplete and other 2 failed to get traction.

Since then, I have geared myself towards software in B2B areas. I’ve read countless threads online of “idea guys” looking for someone to build their software. Funny thing in my case is that I’m a software guy looking for ideas. All the books and success stories say to improve something your domain. That doesn’t work in the software industry, where every category has multiple solid players and open-source solutions. Project management software? It has over 100 solutions covering all areas of it. Issue/bug management software? JIRA and others have taken this area as well. Forget being cheap, most of these solutions are free.

I don’t have domain experience or connections in other industries. When I look at other industries, I see heavy competition at extremely low prices that I can’t compete with. I also don’t have access to large businesses who I can sell to, so small and medium segment is what I’m stuck with.

I follow various startup/entrepreneur forums/websites and recently found this forum. I bought and read Unscripted, but aside from minor things, I haven’t been able to change the above or start something.

Unlike many other entrepreneur-wannabe’s, I’m not looking to sit on a beach and work only when I want to. I have no problem with working beyond 8-5 to build my company. However, I think the spark that I need has been missing.

Anyways, that’s me! Thanks for reading all of that and I hope to learn more about how others have been approaching this. Maybe I’ll find something that helps me start too. :)

Edit: tagging @MJ DeMarco

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May 27, 2015
Hey @Guidance, welcome to the forum! :)

It sounds like you're an entrepreneur at heart for a long time.
While I'm not in the software business, there are a lot of members on here who are.

I'd recommend to take your time and get a feel for this place. Starting with the GOLD threads is usually a good way to do this.

This forum is unlike others and I hope it'll help you too :)

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