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INTRO Hey peeps, musician from Austria here!


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Feb 28, 2018
Thank you so much for having me here!
After reading both of MJ's books some time ago things started to change for me. So here I want to tell a little bit about that.
I'm a 24 year old guitar player from Austria. In July one year will have passed since I finished studying Jazz Guitar in Innsbruck. Till then I haven't ever thought about stuff like business and making money, not at all! When you only hang out with people who are totally against the idea of entrepreneurship it's kinda hard to break out of that mindset.
So after I finished the conservatory it felt like falling into a black hole. I had no money, no job, but the worst: no vision. I just knew that I want to go to the US some day, to this day I still don't really know why. So I had this very deep urge in me. At night I was dreaming about walking through LA, I'm not kidding, this happened on a regular basis.
But without any money it's kinda hard to just leave and go to another country, specially when you don't know any people there. I started reading books about business and money, my mindset slowly changed. By publishing a few ebooks I could generate a little passive income, which is nice, but more importantly it made me confident; I learned that I can do stuff that seemed to be impossible just a few months ago. I changed my whole situation.
Best thing's this: It reconnected me with what I really wanted to do: Making music
Here's how:
I was thinking about topics to make a new book on, something I could promote to more people. So I wrote a book for guitar newbies. But I didn't have a platform or anything to promote it yet. I recorded myself doing playthroughs of song ideas I had and posted them on Instagram and Facebook groups. The intention was to get some followers and then I would tell them about my book. But people started to really dig my music.... Things started to change.
Now I get messages everyday from people all around the world, fans asking me when my first record is coming out and asking me for guitar playing advice....
My book is about to be released.
I'm working on my solo EP everyday, today I got the first draft of the cover from an artist I hired.
And besided that I booked a flight to LA.
Life's good...
Thanks for reading this, you are awesome! Have a lovely day!
EDIT: My name's Max btw haha

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