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New Contributor
Sep 16, 2018
Hello guys,
here I'm - 37y.o dude currently living in the Netherlands as an expat.

Over the years, I've built myself a decent career and salary in the digital industry, but I've always wanted more. Sometimes, I feel like there is something wrong with myself, a lot of people would feel super successful in my position, but I don't feel like this is making me happy.
I'm thinking about quitting and starting to scratch with something MINE.

Hard to say why I feel like that, I guess there are 2 main reasions:
- I grew up playing semi-professional sport in my home country (and getting paid for it), in a quite competitive environment
- built some succcessful side projects earlier in my career: there is nothing nicer than seeing money coming in when you are the owner. I've also tried to go all in a few years back but didn't work well, and I had to go back to the corporate ladder after a year.

The lack of freedom (where to live, what to do) is the main reason i'm into this. I can of course change job and go pretty much where I want to in Europe/Asia/etc, but I would still depend on someones else decisions and script.
I'm not interested in entrepreneurship to make more money (although it would be nice to), but more for the challenge and to be free.

Hope to connect with like minded people over here, and find some motivation to get started again
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Out of Touch

Bronze Contributor
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Jul 9, 2018
Welcome to the forum, randomdude.

You've seemed to have already dipped your toes into the entrepreneurial ocean with those side projects but can you identify why you couldn't support yourself fully with them? What lessons did you learn and what are you going to do differently this time? If you haven't done so yet, I'd recommend reading the books that this forum is grounded upon. You'll gain a lot of insight from them.

I wish you all the best in achieving freedom!


New Contributor
Sep 16, 2018
Thanks a lot.
My first entrepreneurial experiments have been into affiliate marketing, while I had a full time job (and was also playing sports). At that time, for some reasons, I was not planning to go full time with that, even though money wise it was almost feasible. Looking back, I should have probably taken the chances and I could have expanded much more, but it is also true that by working as employee for these 8/10 years I got a lot of interesting experiences. And i managed to build some decent savings over the years.

When I went full time 4 years ago, instead, I have not been able to generate enough revenues/profit to live with that, and after 15 months I decided to stop-loss it and find a job. I was trying to set up an agency and at the same time create some passive-income streams, but it hasn't been enough. Misunderstandings with my business partners also made me feel like i wasn't 100% in control myself.

The lesson I've learnt over these years is that i'm much happier when i'm in control of my time and destiny, even if it would mean losing 50% of my income (at least temporarily). If I would be sure to get at least 1/2k$ net per month at the beginning, I would not think twice, but I'm afraid it is not going to be easy. And in case, I would have to go back into the rat race, and undersell myself again - somehow, the scripted people don't like to deal with someone that has tried to escape it, and the system always make you paid that a bit.
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