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INTRO Here I am! Hello!

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New Contributor
Dec 2, 2019
British Columbia
Hi everybody.
Thank you for accepting me in the forum and thank you for everything you share.

I quickly introduce myself.
I'm a 39yo Italian guy emigrated in Canada 5 years ago with my family.
My carrier started as bartender when I was 17yo after (I got a graduation in Electrical Technician (but I never used it since I always hated that job - I HAD to graduate to enter in job world :arghh:)) so I spent few years working in several clubs, resorts, restaurants etc.
When I was 25yo I bough my first business; a Restaurant-Cocktail Bar. I ran it for 4 years then I sold it since I was in love with my actual wife and she had a completely different career. After few months I bought a Bakery in the same town where I had the first business and I became a baker for 5 years.
Long short story. The bakery was going really well but my wife and I sold it when we realized that we were spending our life in four walls, 12hrs/day for just a "normal-good" income. We both wanted more. It was a hard choice but we "abandoned" our families and our friends, we sold everything we had and we moved to Canada with with 4 pieces of luggages and 15 days reservation in a hostel. We didn't know the city, our English was basically zero and we had just 6 months of Visa to try to built our future. We just knew that Canada was better about taxes, Government etc.
We did it. We "changed" our lives. We both found a sponsor and we worked hard to maintain the Visa. Now after tons of fatigues and few different Visas we're almost Citizens; my wife just opened her own business and I'm a GM of a whole sale bakery...BUT...
...I'm not happy. I always feel I have something more to do. I've a great salary and a great job, I can decide my own schedule at work so I'm not stick with 8hrs/day - 40/ what?
I understood the problem and what was wrong reading the first book of @MJ DeMarco (The Millionaire Fastlane). When I was in Italy with my two business I wasn't an entrepreneur. I was a guy who just bought a job (an hard job) and the extra income I earned was just because I was working like 2 people and not like 1.
Now that I have a great position I'm running in a slow lane. DAMN!!! I just realized it!!!!!!! I'm not going to be rich with this (or maybe when I'll be 80yo? LOL!)
I've to change something, I know what I have to do and here I am to discuss with you guys and pick your best advises/experiences.

Thank you again @MJ DeMarco to open my eyes and wash my brain and thank you to you that are reading this post to be part of the forum.

Hope to talk with you all really soon and share in few years a successful story (mine) in another tread.


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