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INTRO Hello world and the fastline

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Johny Ero

New Contributor
Mar 31, 2019
Hello everyone, you can call me Johny because I have Slavic name you can't spell, seriously! I'm from Croatia, southeast Europa, balkan... I'm here because I want make something from my life and escape that 9-5 in prison. Have wife and two children, mortgage on an apartment, I'm near 40 years and I'm sick and tired of stressful life and work.
I always have some little entrepreneur spirit in my self so I was trying some things in life but it's never bean seriously. I just need that push in life.
I'm mostly artist as an hobby and xxx artist, yes it's sels in the world.
Start working as a young man as a manual labor worker, then slowly climb in many branches and works.
About one year, I heard that good and safe job I have now, will be probably dead in two years. I don't want to be slave and work my but until my 67 years, as a low pay hard work broken man.
Well, it's a final time to escape mediocrity and seriously jump in the business. I have read fastline milioner and just read unscripted .
Thanks M. J. Demarco for enlightened me and millions across the world!
Titanic sink and I fell that rope over my neck, its now or newer, I can go just up, I don't have a choice!
I know I make it, but it's required hard work and devotion. I'm happy to see others pushing and struggling to succeed and shere thoughts and experience.
I have my business as a hobby for now, but I see a steady increase and I hope I make it soon my main source of income. And when time comes I can make other stuff I have in my bag waiting, so I can hit that fastline!
In my pore state, having more income source make you rich and by our standard, a couple of hundred bucks are my mons paycheck. Imagine how much is a couple of thousands dollars! We in porer world states have advantage over Americans if I just hit about 250 000 $ I'm a millionaire in my state. Just kidding, it's a real fortune I seek, freedom, more time with family, no alarm, no boss, fulfillment life as I want. Etc.
You know what I mean well, go back to work.
I'm glad to bee here finally.

Johny Ero

New Contributor
Mar 31, 2019
First, thanks for the response! Well, basically I'm following and explore stuff you guys are posting and have argued. As all others newbies , trying to suck everything like a sponge to become more capable entrepreneur !


New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Mar 18, 2019
Welcome to the forum. I'm new here as well, so welcome to the journey. can't eat an elephant in one bite. Sometimes starting a new business can get overwhelming. So many ideas in your much information to take much advise from others, etc. But you have to start somewhere.
My advice is to write down a plan with actionable steps that you are going to have to accomplish in order to get to where you want to be. Then attack each step individually. This can keep you focused and moving forward without getting overwhelmed with all of the details at once.
Take care and good luck!

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