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INTRO Hello everyone !


May 28, 2019
Switzerland - France
Hi !
(I apologize for my english as it is not my first language.)

My name is Clément and I just joined the forum. I come from a middle class Italian immigrant family and I grew up in the south east of France (in Grenoble).

I always felt like an entrepreneur since I was a kid. At 9 years old I started selling unused stuff in the house on eBay, making a fair amount of money for a kid, allowing me to buy the stuff I wanted.

Then we got struck with adversity : My father committed suicide when I was 10, leaving my mother alone with two children. She then caught a serious cancer (she is today healthy thank god) so we lived in poverty for a couple of year, eventhough we always found a way to eat until fulfilled.

I went to school and was a very good student until my 13 years old where it started to be a disaster : I was bored and disgusted with this system based on slavery. I got kicked out of high school at 18 years old and did a lot of mistakes (I was depressed because of this system based on slavery, I felt my fellow students were idiots only thinking about drinking). My mother sent my to the south of Italy and it made me go back on track :

When I got back to France I started studying my a$$ off and got into one of the best european business school (yeah I know some elite bullshit).

I actually kinda loved studying : I was independant, I worked for myself (getting knowledge) and got to meet some people.

But I got in debt... And I started working for office jobs I hated. Having to pay back this huge debt, I told myself in desperation that I didn't wanted to slave away 5 years of my life for this crap. I then got a idea : just find a job in Switzerland and work for a year there while leaving in France so I can quickly break free of the debt.

I took a position that I started to really despise after 3 months : an auditing position in a BIG 4. Its been 6 months that I'm working there and got deep into depression. My mother is turning 62 and nothing will allow her to retire (she works as an independant translator). I want to help her out.

I discovered the book of MJ, the millionaire fastlane and I found it to really be life changing and I really want to thank him for that. I started listening to the Unscripted ebook while stuck in trafic in Geneva and in the gym and I found it also mindblowing.

So I started looking for other opportunities, started changing the way I think , skewing value, being obsessed by the desire to improve people's lives and society through entrepreneurship. When I turned back from italy when I was 18, I wanted to save lives so I also passed the competitive entrance to be volunteer in the firefighters (in the week ends), they then kicked me out because of bullshit vaccins. But today I discovered that I can do that through entrepreneurship.

As everyone else, I still need the pay the bills and put food on the table to survive (nobody can help me out) and I know that entrepreneurship will be a long process and I think I can take that. But I came to a point where I would rather die than continuing on the wage slavery road, I just can't take all this fixed hours, corporate a$$ kissing rituals, gossiping and so on.

I had an opportunity yesterday : A real estate company in Switzerland is looking for independant real estate brokers : it allows full independance : no boss, no fixed hours, but of course no fixed income. Everything is based on commission. So I am wondering if I should take the risk with my current situation (high price of rent here on the swiss border, student debt,...). But I'm very interested by it because I hate being stuck in an office and it will allow me to move around, take action, have human contact (which is inexistant in audit).

My family and friends keep talking me out of it. They enforce their elitist crap to me "you should use your top tier business school degree, anybody can be a real estate broker, even your loser cousin did that, you can take a top position at JP Morgan blablablabla".

I know I shouldn't listen to them,because I think my mother basically just wants to brag about her son working in an "on the paper" elite job BS. But I wonder if its me who is crazy or this choice could be a good one to take a step into the fastlane but most of all, towards freedom?

Starting by being a real estate broker in Switzerland could allow to get a good capital by selling a few home (or failing), I feel I will be able to do that as everyone told me a have good charisma and selling skills (I worked as a salesman a lot through student jobs) but its still risky. I could also learn some skills to build my own real estate brokerage firm and hire people.

I wanted to build a wealth management firm but don't know where to start. Just don't want to start slaving away my time again in an other firm to learn the job. Do you think that this independant real estate broker solution could be good with my situation?

Thank you for all,


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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome aboard, Clement. Thanks for sharing your story.

I wouldn't advise the RE broker route, given the student loan debt. I think this is one case where you should at least temporarily listen to those around you. Leveraging your elite degree is a reasonable idea, at least until you get your debts paid off.

It's quite difficult to perform when you have a big debt to pay off and very little income.

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome Clement.

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