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"From idea to creation to sale"

Discussion in 'General Entrepreneur Discussion' started by Ardit, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:09 PM.

  1. Ardit

    Ardit New Contributor

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    Nov 30, 2017
    Strasbourg, France
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    *My english is still bad but you may understand*

    Quick presentation:

    I am a Albanian refugee who grew up in French, I am 21 and I am studying Economy and management at the university of Strasbourg.
    I am not passionate about economy or management, but like in all immigrant family it’s degree first and passion later.
    I was living a formal life in autopilot since last year, really conditioned by my environnement. Then I woke up one day and I started wondering myself about everything: about mankind purpose, about society, about formalities accepted by everyone just because someone says you have to behave like that. It was like an awaking, I start seeing everything differently. I started reading a lot, like a book per week about spirituality, meditation, society, psychology, business… until i found MJ Demarco’s book and the forum.
    I am creating my own reality. *sound naive(?)*

    After reading TMF, I bought UNSCRIPTED.

    Last night while reading unscripted page 381, I had THE IDEA of product, it was like an « EUREKA », so obvious for me. So I started search if the product already exist and I’ve find nothing.
    I started note everything about the product, how I imagine it, the design, the materiel, etc…
    So actually I have this Idea on my mind, and I want to put it in the physical world. That’s the point. I know that just the idea is nothing (maybe 10% of the journey)
    I remembered a quote from the book:

    «The process from idea to creation to sale was a marathon of exploration and learning - not a sprint »

    I am not here to ask you how to do this or that. I am just here to express my gratitude to MJ.

    Now I have to make some research about patents, legislation, funding, manufacturing… My product will be sold to companies and not mainstream.

    I will let you know here about the progress of my project.
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