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Enchroma Glasses - A True Productocracy


I'm not dead yet
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Jul 20, 2015
Austin, Texas
I always enjoy watching these videos because it reminds me that as an entrepreneur, our job isn't always to make money, but to drastically affect people's lives. That's what a true productocracy does.

You don't have to start drop shipping, or run Instagram pages, but create something that really benefits someone in society.

Co-inventors Andrew Schmeder and Don McPherson formed Enchroma, Inc. in 2010. Andrew, a UC Berkeley-trained mathematician, helped Don, who held a PhD in glass science, crack the code behind his serendipitous discovery: glasses that enhanced color vision for people with color blindness. With help from an NIH SBIR grant, the duo spent nearly ten years perfecting a stylish consumer-grade version of this new lens technology that revealed color as it is meant to be seen—pure, vibrant, and true to life. Since the very start, Enchroma has been using the latest understandings in color perception neuroscience to help countless people not just see color, but see and understand the world.


Another one of my favorites....

Makes you think whether people feel frustration or anger because they're missing the whole picture, and it's up to us to fill them in on it.
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Bronze Contributor
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Jan 23, 2016
What the hell. Didn't even know these existed! Thank you, @jasoncuellar123

I knew I am colorblind, but it's really hard to imagine how the world would look like, when all you know is "this" :D

I mean that's a truly great product. Must have took years of research and development.

No need to do bro-marketing
No need for 70% discounts and fire-sales
No need to rely for Amazon to make sales

Just a product that completely twists the value equation. You pay 400$ and what you get might as well be a ticket to another world. Want these real bad. It's even a bit scary, but in a good way.

Bad a$$. I want these.

I recently had limits my pilots medical due to colorblindness. I can prove color competency later, but until then I can’t fly at night.

Wait.. You can actually fly with colorblindness in US? That's pretty awesome. Always thought it's no-go for colorblind.


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Jun 1, 2015
Did Logan Paul order the same pair? :woot:

Jokes aside, this is an amazing product. Kudos to Enchroma!

MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Incredible video, brings tears to the eye. Incredible product, never knew this existed.


Bronze Contributor
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Oct 11, 2013
Incredible video, brings tears to the eye. Incredible product, never knew this existed.

Lol I thought I was the only one- my girlfriend always makes fun of how much of a baby I am with any videos involving a rescue puppy and I guess I’ll add vision correction to that list..

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