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EXECUTION Creating Info-Product (ebook)in the Dating Niche

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Apr 28, 2019
Hi guys,

I’ve been reading this forum on and off for a year now but never commented because I haven’t made any significant moves. So I decided to treat this year as an ‘experiment with entrepreneurship’ to get things in motion.

After I read “The Ultimate Sales Letter” in February I decided ‘f*ck it* and created some gig descriptions on Fiverr. I treated the gig profiles as ‘tests’ and to my surprise I got an order within three days. Since English isn’t my first language, this sales event meant a lot to me.

After a few more orders, I decided to try website design and discovered that you customize by copy-pasting HTML code to move things around (as long as it looks clean and professional). I created one for an auto-detailer for a few hundred dollars. I learned how to host a website on the fly and learned how to do the coding part while watching Fox’s youtube video. And he loved the website.

Because I'm treating 2019 as a year of tinkering, I still have a few things I want to do to make money with such as offering photography services, video sales letters, creating landing pages, FB ad campaigns, affiliate niche websites and more. Every one of them is a marketing service so my plan is to eventually specialize on one or two that I can really enjoy doing. It looks like I’m spraying out too much but it’s really the best way for me to use my early 20’s energy to get an overview of marketing and make money while learning.

Right now my project is to create info-products in health, wealth, and relationships market. Since I lack credibility to create how to get rich products, I’m writing several short ebooks(less than 20,000 words) on health and dating. The goal is to write something quick but solves a specific problem by doing a Ready Fire Aim approach to write it and publish, and tweak those that sell. Selling less than 3-10 copies a day would be enough for even a month to measure success, just to prove to myself that I CAN create an info-product that solves problems and sells.

Anyways I want to find out what you guys think of one of the short ebook on dating I’m writing. It’s a weekend project that will take less than 15 hours to write. Again, I know the dangers of coming off as a dating gooroo or whatever, but I'm just a regular guy, and not even close to an international playboy. I’m not a PUA, in fact I’m more of an anti-PUA. I’m not even a dating coach. But I do get enough results regardless of not meeting 'social standards' by practicing things that are not talked about even in the 'manosphere' community. It’s those things that aren’t talked about that still gets me results in this sphere that I believe it's worthwhile to share to those who need it.

No it has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction, NLP, or voodoo spells.

Again the goal is to write in an entertaining and informative way for the reader. So there are a lot of humor added especially in the end to let you know that it’s nothing too serious, and only serious to the extent that it solves problems for those readers it’s intended for. It has nothing to do with other new age woo-woo but I do mention Carl Jung, and Positive Affirmations. It’s my first ebook, and it’s a first draft. So any feedback would be appreciated. Anyhow here’s the intro the book. And thanks if you actually read it through.

The Dating Playbook For Shorter Men: How To Get Girls To Like You For The Man 5’9 And Under

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Apr 28, 2019
It's one of my first attempts at copywriting in book format aside from a few Fiverr gigs. Here it is

The Dating Playbook For Shorter Men: How To Get Girls To Like You For The Man 5’9 And Under

WARNING: Do Not Read This If You Have Moral, Ethical, Or Religious Reasons Against Sleeping With Women Who Become Instantly Aroused From The Moment They See You and Makes Aggressive Sexual Advances Towards You.


If you want to double(even triple) the number of girls you date…even if you don’t have good looks, or never approached a woman before, or even if you’re struggling as a virgin…then this book is for you.

The world of dating is very different now, and not necessarily for the better. We’re surrounded by chaos, confusion, and fear more than ever.

Groups such as MGTOW(Men Going Their Own Way), Feminism, LGBT, sexual harassment/ and false rape accusations arise as a response to this chaos only making problems worse. And most of us are left wondering how we’re going to live as men (who still wants to get dates(and get laid) over and over again) in this world of confusion.

I wish I knew the answer, but just like you I don’t have the answer. And whoever tells you that they have the answer wouldn’t be telling the truth. But I do know this: those men who are most likely to find success with women in a world of chaos and confusion, are those who learn to truly see and understand, and accept a reality that might challenge their old views.

And as chaotic as the world seems to become, there is a tiny percentage of men who are still doing well. In fact, they’re doing better than ever. What was once reserved for Kings who can have any woman on his bedside, this group of men are living a like modern day kings that no other can imagine.

There has never been an easier time to be powerfully attractive for any man. Never. What’s more, becoming attractive to women doesn’t require you to be born handsome, have clever pickup lines, status, height, wealth, or any of those things you learned so far about women.

In learning how to attract women, I’ve discovered that any man regardless of his looks, status and wealth can attract women. It’s true!

It’s a simple matter of being able to accept ugly truths about human nature.

First, the fundamental source of your power to attract comes from a brutally honest understanding of women. And second, if you get over what you thought was right about women, no matter how much you lack in appearance, money, or status, you can use your new understanding to improve your success with women.

In fact, if girls rejected you because you lack good looks, don’t have a nice job, or don’t have a ‘status’, the rejection most likely doesn’t have anything to do with any of those things. (You’ll learn about the dramatic nature of women in chapter 3)

Most guys know the ‘pothead loser’ who are always bedding with different women. In fact, the ‘loser’ she sleeps with probably has even more trouble finding and keeping a job than getting a girl to sleep with him.

You also know the broke musician who has no problem getting laid, while the highly paid computer programmer complains about the degradation of women.

You often see ‘ugly’ guys with hot women all around you and it baffles you.

Girls often sleep with so-called ‘losers’ all the time while telling their friends and writing on surveys that they would never be with a ‘loser’.

Given the amount of advice by so-called dating gurus and misinformation available online, it’s no wonder that many men are left confused, frustrated, and single rather than more empowered.

What if there are tricks, principles and ideas that we can learn by studying the ‘underdogs’ who are just as successful with women as the ‘ideal’ man who is tall, rich, and handsome?

There are. And they’re the ‘unseen factors’ most of us fail to see. Why? Our old views about attraction blinds us to stomach new truths that help us understand what actually work to start living a life that no other can imagine.

And in this book, we’ll cover those Unseen Factors that will improve your sex life with women, no matter where you in life.

Inside this book you’ll learn:

-3 reasons why girls actually reject you(Having below-average looks is not on this list)

-How to push her ‘psychological hot buttons’ to become instantly aroused when she meets men with traits that fits all the standards of her ‘ideal’ man while not having any of those traits yourself!

-Ways to make her feel “I HAVE TO HAVE HIM RIGHT NOW” by speaking directly to her ‘unconscious needs’

-the ‘secret’ factors that broke artists have to attract and sleep with more women than the highly-paid accountants, programmers, and engineers or any guys with $$$. The ratio is often 10:1 or even a flat zero!

-The BIG difference between the style of game between a taller man and shorter man. (This section alone about learning how a smaller man can out-game a taller man is worth the price of this book!)

-How to get rid of your insecurities about height forever, and learn to embrace the shape of your body in a way that makes women swoon all over you(Prince, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd do this all the time and now you’ll learn how to do it too!)

-Ways to make her melt in minutes, no matter how ugly, poor, broke you are!

-The reason why most successful R&B singers are below average height. And how you can give women the experience of meeting a ‘sex symbol’ even if you can’t sing at all!

-And much more!

Before we start, here’s a short list of famous short men to give you a dose of inspiration that you can get what you want in life regardless of what society tells you:

Tom Cruise, Ghandi, Robin Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Bob Marley, Charlie Chaplin, Rober Downey Jr, JRR Tolkien, D’Angelo, Winston Churchill, Prince, Scott Adams, Al Pacino, Manny Pacquiao, Genghis Khan, Floyd Mayweather, Bruno Mars, Tupac, Nelly, Putin, Lil Pump, Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, El Chapo, Conor Mcgregor, Usher, Omarion, Too Short, Eazy E, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, J Balvin, Joe Rogan, The Weeknd, Tyga, Kanye West, XXXtentacion, Jordan Belfort among many many others!


If you think that merely reading this book will give you instant superpowers to bed with women without making any effort to apply the idea and principles, this book is obviously not for you.

But again, all you need is to be able to read and understand, follow very simple directions, and a little bit of effort to get the results you want with women.

Table of Contents
1. First, Let’s UnF*ck Your Mind

2. How I Discovered What Women Really Want

3. Going Beyond Evolutionary Psychology is Key to Attraction

4. How To Get Rid Of Your Insecurities About Your Height Now and Forever

5. Attracting Women Is Marketing

6. The Hidden Factors of Attraction That Gives You An Unfair Advantage To Attract Women

7. How To Develop Yourself Into a Man That Women Find Irresistable…Even If You’re Not Tall, Dark, and Handsome

8. How To Get Her In Bed and Have Her Squirming For More
Make Her Come First

Bonus Chapter
1. How To Build a Long-Term Relationship

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