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combining video/photo shoots with marketing/ads/online presence

Marketing, social media, advertising


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Nov 6, 2015
I did video production and photography... used to do mainly corporate shootings, image films, 'after movies' from business events etc.
Plan - shoot - edit - review - deliver.

Since I finished all my projects and don't have a stable stream of new projects, I was looking to restructure what I am doing, in a more fast lane approved way.

First I thought about ditching the video production completely, offering consulting / coaching to mid to large sized businesses, creating sales funnels, websites, sales copy, newsletters, social media, ads... basically the whole online presence package (would outsource most of these tasks).

I'd be targeting mostly non-english speaking businesses that are trying to reach international clients, or even if they communicate in english, they have no idea about proper online marketing, running ads, gathering analytics etc.
Based on this fact, I am 100% sure my services would be invaluable to them and would help boost their business.

HOWEVER - I am not a true professional in either of these skills / services.
I do have solid experience but have never done this for clients and don't have testimonials to show to prove my credibility and competence.

- higher competition (seems to me like every other guy is offering similar services nowadays)
- I'd need to partially educate myself on the topics as I go, spend hours finding good people to outsource the work to
+ location independent

Eventually, I can only do coaching and leave the rest on them.

On the other side, I am a professional in video production and photography.

If I added this to the whole package, it would be more unique and interesting to the client (creating video sales funnels, video ads, proposals, explainer videos etc.)

Also, this is what I actually enjoy doing and it comes easy to me - I know I am very good at it and people love my work.

+ less competition
+ can charge a lot more
- location dependant

What do you think ?
I'm sure there are a lot of gaps in my concept and ways I can make it better.

What is your opinion on having testimonials ? I've heard you don't actually need them and that potential clients rarely ask.. Giving them what they need is what matters.

But based on what can the client trust me and pay 2 to $5000 for my services upfront ?
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