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INTRO College Football ==> Theater Teacher ==> MBA ==> ???

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Stone P

New Contributor
Apr 29, 2018

I am confused.

I went to Northwestern: studied theater and played football. Tons of fun. Had to move back home to SC after having major hip surgery after graduating. Labral tear. Healed up well, taught for a couple of years after being a personal trainer and working in non-profits. After teaching, I decided to try and make more money. I am getting my MBA to gain hard skills and enjoyed my summer internship. Figured I'd graduate this Dec. get a 9-5, and save up a lot of money to reach financial independence/freedom, FU money, etc. Then do whatever it is that I love.

But then... MJ DeMarco.

2 books later and I'm wondering if this fall and after graduation are the perfect opportunities to try and launch something on my own. I keep thinking about when MJ told his classmates he was going to be an entrepreneur, then told the guy that one day he may hire him. He was relentless to not give up -- and I'm questioning if I have that same drive. Also, even with drive it still may be best for me to get a job while creating a side hustle until it can eventually replace my income. Of course, I'm also interested in speaking, writing, coaching, teaching, and who knows maybe spending 12 weeks in a coding bootcamp because why not? Also life coaching (lol) and data analysis are my most recent new shiny objects.

I was confused before entrepreneurship --> and now the idea of not settling literally keeps me up at night.

Most recently, I've been wanting to start/join some founders at the early stage of a startup and bring in my sales & marketing skills since I currently don't have a tangible product idea. Another idea I had was to become a sales coach -- 2 days later maybe a I should go back to being a personal trainer since I can possibly find clients on Thumbtack. I sold candy in middle school, CD's in high school and books in college - usually with my siblings or younger students working for me. The sales aspect has always been one of my favorite aspects of business.

I'm impatient.

I want to be a sought after speaker, author, sales and education expert before putting in the hard work to actually have something to say or something to write. I want to join someone else's startup because I feel that I lack the technical skills to create a valuable product. I also don't want to hate my job, or be extremely restricted like I was this summer working in medical devices. Yet, medical devices could become a lucrative career - so maybe stick it out for a few years if I'm able to get in at graduation in December? Literally, no idea.

I have a lot of research and decisions to make -- December is coming fast.

Pumped to be a part of the forum -- I am here to learn, serve, and grow. Glad this platform exists so that we all can be inspired, challenged and become more curious and hopefully bolder as a result of reading other people's journeys!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. I didn't write this to complain, just being honest about my current confused state. I don't even know how fortunate I am to have more opportunities than I can take advantage of -- and for that, I'm grateful.

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