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LANDFILL Capitalism Sucks

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Nov 29, 2016
I don't expect to be met with much positive reaction to this thread on a forum where we are all on a never-ending quest to obtain the almighty-dollar.

Nor is this a complaining thread. I can't change the system, so I'm forced to operate within its rules and do my best to create a life I desire. It's exploit, or be exploited.

But everyone here seems to be searching for freedom, the question is, freedom from what?

Freedom from the 9-5? Freedom from being used as an instrument of labor by people who wish to make money off you in return for a paycheck that helps you survive and provide for your family?

Freedom from spending a 1/3 of your life performing meaningless work in order to quench the thirst for power and profit by your "Superiors", and to quench the never-ending appetite for consumption by consumers who use these "things" and services to help them cope with a meaningless existence and to quell their cries for more out of life?

All of this is a by-product of Capitalism. A system which forces the pre-dominant force of life to be money and work.

I hope no one responds to this irrationally and say shit like "Go to China and Venezuela blah blah blah, oh you want to live in a dictatorship, blah blah blah".

I'm just saying much of the internal and external struggles which Man faces is a by-product of Capitalism.

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Jan 23, 2011

Clearly you want to just bark your liberal inconsequential conjecture. There is zero sense in wasting time debating an intellectual midget such as yourself.

We will just shortcut this and get to the point. You are wrong. The proof is everywhere. If you would open your mind and examine the facts for yourself instead of lambasting the economic system responsible for the top standards of living, by country, in the world you would probably land on that yourself.

Also, if you are serious about entrepreneurship, which is doubtful, this drivel will hold you back.
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Oct 31, 2011
Gulf Coast
This is not a forum to engage in political debate. Refer to the Forum rules, and feel free to use the entire rest of the internet to air your political viewpoints.

Thread closed.
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