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INTRO Better Late than Never

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Right Twix

Nov 12, 2019
Hello, Im Right Twix and this is my Intro.
So I recently just realized that I have a fastlaner frame of reference, but am living the slowlane life, and I have to make a change, because I cant continue to live my life as it is. Let me explain:

Short Version:
a. Family is entrepreneurial, assumed it would just happen to me. Hated childhood/teens at home, escaped through college
b. Enjoyed college/internships/learning
c. Have ultra high energy levels, got in trouble
d. Got a Job, ok for a couple of months, then hated life.
e. Now Im married, turned 30 and realized if I am to live the life I want, my actions need to be different.
f. Not creative, good at seeing room for imporvement in existing systems.
g. Idea List.

Long Story:
I am an immigrants child that was brought to USA at a young age. My parents held job for only a couple of years before they went entrepreneurial. This is common in my family, and I was always in that environment. In the beginning my parents were always away. I was a able to be a child (think young kid, riding bikes, exploring the world). Once the family business got to a point where it could be ran from home, everything happened from home and I became the slave child that did a lot of work. All of the sudden my childhood became typing invoices, calling other businesses, during the day, and then handing tools to my dad during the night (given that I wasn’t in school). I HATED IT. My parents were in my regular life and my freedom to be a child/teenager was stolen at the same time my parents became an everyday presence in my life. Trouble was a daily part of my life. I dreamed of how awesome 9-5 parents would be, happy to see their kids at night instead of always working. Thats when I subconsciously made a decision to distance myself as far as reasonably possible.

I did that through college. I moved to the west coast with no intention to go back. I had money saved up and a plan to get resident tuition, but that failed and I convinced (not too hard as they thought I would be coming back) to pay for it until I was able to figure out supporting myself. Anyways, I was FREEEEEE. The new environment, no one always on my back, always exploring, learning new culture. Now this freedom doesn’t mean I was undisciplined, irresponsible, etc.. I ALWAYS had a good work ethic. Most people struggle working with me because I have high quality expectations. But I was finally able to do what I wanted, when I wanted, etc..I was going to college, working internships, gaining experiences. For the first time I was living a good life and thought that I was on a good road.

Now, I have high energy levels, am high strung and am prone to breaking rules and trouble. I ended up getting suspended from school and did internships full time. That was my first experience in a standard 9-5. I hated it and that should have been my wake up call. But alas, I still had school to finish. Shortly thereafter, I got into some legal trouble over speeding and I ended up having a record. Finished school strong (Industrial Engineering, 3.5+ GPA), but I had a felony, which crossed off the industries my internships were for.

Got an internship that turned into a JOB, but I hated it once it was a JOB. Left for another job in construction. Construction was new and I was learning and it was great. I LOVED learning, and the process of how it all happens. But then the 9-5 JOB started kicking in. The Indentured Time was just too much. Ask for a raise, get the run around, make noise, finally get it. Temporary success. Do more work, do well, get applauded, ask for a raise, this time its not coming. At least not as fast as I want it, so I decide to leave. At the time I was talking to my parents and their industry was booming. They offered a job that allowed me to earn $$ depended on my much I worked. I took it and I went all in. Too much in. Remember when I said I have high energy? I can stay up 48 hours on any given day naturally. The problem is, you don’t make the best choices in that state of mind (even though they may be simple), and it costed me a lot. During this time I was away from home, in a relationship, engaged, and eventually got married.

Now I got married. Just turned 30. Back in the “stable” life, got back into the construction job and it hit me like a wall of bricks. The 9-5 job sucks, this is the best its going to get and its all downhill from here. I will never get to my earlier goals if I continue living this way. This is my life until I die unless I don’t change it. My Indentured time is soo high, I cant even imagine having kids. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE MY LIFE. You see, I was always of the mindset that im doing ok if I am learning, but the learning pace has slown dramatically, and Im realizing someone can know everything in the world, and it wont benefit them at all if that knowledge cant be applied.
So Im here. I always thought that since all of my family was entrepreneurial it was in my blood and it would just happen. Except, it didn’t. Its time to make a change. Take real risk. I want people around me that can push me, in the right direction.

I am not good at creative/new Ideas. I am good at critiquing, seeing problems with systems, so I see myself taking on an existing system and making improvements.
I know (more than most): logistics, car/vehicle maintenance/repair, manufacturing (education), construction, fitness/food/health. Also, motorcycle riding experience. Im good at not spending money and getting the most value out of what I already have.

Some of my ideas are:
A. Fuel Delivery:
1) Normal cars in higher end localities, while they are at work. Provide value while people are at work. There are companies that do this along with basic car service (fluids, tire pressure, etc…)
2) Diesel to equipment that does not easily move, and required lots of labor hours to acquire. The original idea came from seeing construction people go out to fill up 5 gal containers to fill up construction equipment. Save companies labor hours, plus fuel fill up premiums when they return their rental
B. Localized Package Delivery
I live in OC, and the surrounding area is ridden with traffic. I also ride a motorcycle, where I can get through traffic pretty well. I would focus on providing same day, next day, ASAP, after hours, etc.. envelope/small package services from B2B in the entire SoCal area. My vision to scale this is to have a network of motorcycle riders that I would be able to reach out to when someone needs something instantly. Unsure if the demand for this type of service is out there.
Was going to open a CA LLC today, but then found out there is a $800 annual tax just to exist. Not sure if a legal entity will benefit me just yet.

Whether you read the short version or the long version, thanks! Would love to hear your thoughts.
Time to start taking action!

Also, more than halfway through MFL and everything in the book is just clicking!

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