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Feb 28, 2019
Story about me and a friend of mine. Thanks to TMF and Unscripted (that I'm reading now) something is changing.
I have a friend, Steven; we knew each other many years ago, over 25, at the elementary school. He's probably my best friend.
He is an engineer and he was an inspiration for me, a common worker without high school diploma. So I restarted to study and now, further the high school diploma, I've a Master's degree.
I thought that I'd be the "king of world"; I visualized myself like him: suit, nice company car, latest iPhone, latest Mac, 2.5k/month plus benefits, a beautiful house. Now he'll become father (really happy for him and his great wife).
The reality is different: I'm still a worker; I'm still working everyday in a factory; I'm a M.A. Manual labourer. Two years after the final exam at the college.
You all can imagine my demoralization: "why am I here? still use a grinder, wearing dirty clothes 8/5? I have a college degree, I worth a job like him! (no, no I know that I worth nothing!!!).
But now something is changing and I'm awakening from the nightmare of this SCRIPTED life (credits to MJ).
Sunday I was spending time with friends and Steven was there too. He was talking about his week: 4 days somewhere in Czech Republic, lost luggage, a rented-sedan, a sauna in a 5-stars-hotel ecc. ecc.
For the first time I wasn't envious and attracted to this life; I thought "wow, I wouldn't be excited to go far away from home, without my girlfriend, without my little rented (but beautiful) home for someone else; fortunately that I'm working on the project (a business idea that I had) and I'm sure that in some years I'll be retired"
See the difference? I was dreaming his life and now I'm no more excited about it but about my project, my idea and my future.
Now I see the world with different eyes. Now I'm sure that I'll have success and I touched this change of mind.
What do you think? Is someone of you lived a similar situation of awakening?
For me it's an important goal: no more Milan-suit-audi-job as I dreamed just 2/3 months ago but Home-tracksuit-Porsche-retirement.
Just wanted to share because I'm really excited :)

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