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INTRO a young man who has a dream


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Jan 1, 2019
gwang-ju south korea
hello every one. my nick name is former, i am 17 years old and i live in south korea
just a month ago i was a soccer player but i thought it is hard to be a soccer player.
only 0.8% out of 100% players can be it.
so i quit to play it. but after quit it, i knew to have an another dream
it is to become an entrepreneur. these days i am reading fastlane.
because i want to become an entrepreneur
before i read the millionaire fastlane
i just thought that it is simple to become an entrepreneur.
i just thought
investing in stock market, saving money and working hard
if i will do like that i knew to be rich
i honestly thought like that
but it wasn't i misunderstood about what is the rich
if i didn't read the fastlane and if i didn't know about fastlane
i couldn't prepare to start my business
actually i haven't experienced the entrepreneur and haven't do the business
so i don't know how to start my business and where
the reason why i joined in this forum is sharing, talking about the information and getting some advice
i really need the advice
i wish i will get many information from this forum
after reading this give me some comments
thank you for reading
have a good day

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Sep 20, 2016
Hey welcome to the forum!

Now you know the correct beliefs to have so start taking right away. Put forth a rough plan for your journey. Then do something that add value to other people.

All the best

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