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  1. A

    online food ordering system, opinion appreciated

    Hey guys! I am from germany and over the last few months I learned how to build websites throughout a udemy curse. You all know for example UberEats. Here in germany the top player is lieferando, which bought all competitors and now increased fees for generating a lead to 14%. In my home...
  2. A

    WEB SCHOOL Are these niches profitable for a web designer?

    I am a newbie in digital marketing (4 years+) doing all sorts of works. But now ready to niche down both by service and industry. By service, I chose web designing with WordPress (expertise here) as a focus. By industry, I am terrified - don't know what to do. Recently, the choices on my mind...
  3. Dreamify

    Digital agency helping entrepreneurs and startups succeed

    Hi guys! We've just launched a rebrand of our digital agency with the aim of specifically helping entrepreneurs and startups realizing their digital business dreams. What we believe we do a little different than many other agencies, is that we start with the client's business vision, let it...
  4. B

    WEB SCHOOL Starting Web Design Company(Progress Thread)

    Hello everyone, I read TMF a few years back but I never really acted on what I learned from it. A couple of years ago I read Fox's thread about starting a web design company and I started to learn html but I stopped shortly after starting. A couple of weeks ago I read Sean's post about starting...
  5. R

    RANT 16 years old enterpreneur losing motivation.

    So here is the thing. I started a web design business. I thought the hardest part was learning how to code and all that stuff. But it was just the beginning... After learning the principles of coding and confidently being able to say that I can make a website for a client. I found out that...
  6. GuitarManDan

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Hey everyone, It's been about one year since I joined the forum and thanks to the great advice of some members of the community, I've been able to completely change my life and move in a better direction. To keep it simple, I was working at an investment bank in NYC and absolutely hated my...

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