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web 3.0

  1. R

    Create website Beginner(Please advise)

    Now I'm practice to create website with HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT . What next language should I start ? HTML> CSS> JAVASCRIPT>PHP>SQL or something else? Please kindly adivse
  2. opticalillusion

    NFT Domains and Web 3.0 - Thoughts?

    With Web 3.0 slowly becoming more advanced, what are your thoughts on NFT domains and Web 3.0?? For anyone who doesn't know: NFT domains are domains you buy once and own forever with very limited TLD's as of now (i.e. .blockchain, .crypto) and are barely supported by browsers currently. They...
  3. tenacity

    Web 3.0 - The new corner of the internet and how you can profit from it

    Definition and Introduction Web 3.0 is supposed to be the new and third version of the internet, where users have the power over their money, privacy and freedom. Lot's of companies are exploring Web 3.0 and the metaverse which can be seen below. Facebook, for example has plans to buy thousands...
  4. Ayobami

    What is the new virtual world, Web 3.0, all about?

    Lately ,the new virtual world has been a recent discussed topic on the internet. HERE ARE FEW QUESTIONS I'D like to ask on this forum to give me clear understanding of it. what is web3 all about and what features has it got to deserve the whole hypes? what is the hope of programmers...
  5. T

    Web 3.0, hype or reality?

    Just wanted to gather what this forum's general thoughts are on web 3.0? From my understanding, to put it broadly, web 3.0 is basically the decentralisation of the internet and internet-related apps and services. It aims to take out the middle-man and promotes a more peer-to-peer way of...
  6. S

    How can entrepreneurs make money with Web 3.0?

    You guys probably also heard the title Web 3.0 here and there. Anybody knowledgable about this topic, what are ways to make money with Web 3.0 or in what direction is it going in general?
  7. SharmCity

    What is Web 3.0? Here’s a massively over simplified, 30-second primer

    Web 1.0 The first iteration of the world wide web was mostly static content… Websites were like online versions of magazines, newspapers, or encyclopedias. Information flowed one way. You could go to a website and read, listen to, or watch content, but not interact with it more than that...
  8. AceVentures

    So WTF are NFTs all about? Buying JPGs? Why can't you just right-click save? Is this a giant ponzi? Far from it...

    I've noticed that there is an increasing number of people on this forum that are becoming aware of NFTs and are interested to participate, but rightfully cautious at the moment. After all, it sounds absolute bat-shit crazy to talk about NFTs today. Buy a $300,000 jpg of some pixels? Bound to get...
  9. parkerscott

    Web 3.0 (Ethereum) is happening, and most people have no idea what it even is.

    Blockchain technology has been around since 2009. When most people think about blockchains, they think about bitcoin, a slow, expensive antiquated technology that is hard to scale, and is not innovating. Every now and again you will hear about bitcoin reaching new all time highs, yet nothing has...